DIY Cambodia to Thailand

It’s been a while since we had our DIY trip together after we got married but now, we’re back on track. This time, we’re going international for the first time in our life and we are going to Cambodia and Thailand.
cambodia and thailand
We are used to traveling with our heavy backpacks while strolling around in an unfamiliar place or riding a bus/night bus for how many hours from one city to another in the Philippines and I missed that feeling. I miss backpacking to be exact! That’s when I decided to book for a (supposedly) tri-city trip. But, we can’t have a vacation leave for more than 3 days (sad life of a corporate slave) so we had to cut it down to 2 cities instead, which is Siem Reap and Bangkok.
Booked our flights, planned the itineraries, renewed my useless passport then we are ready for our DIY Cambodia to Thailand trip!
cambodia and thailand
Most of backpackers usually travel from Thailand to Cambodia. But we had the other way around. Let’s check our itinerary.

DAY 0: Arrival in Siem Reap
DAY 1: Whole Day Tour in Angkor Temples
8:00 am — start of tour
11:00 am — lunch
4:00 pm — went back to hostel to rest
7:00 pm — checked the night market
 Booked our flights, planned the itineraries, renewed my useless passport then we are ready for our DIY Cambodia to Thailand trip!

DAY 2: Bus from Siem Reap to Bangkok (border crossing)
8:00 am — ETD for Poipet Border
11:00 am — arrival in Poipet border
1:00 am — finished immigration and arrival in Aranyaprathet border
2:00 pm — resume trip to Bangkok
5:00 pm — arrival in Mo Chit bus and took the public free bus to Khao San
7:00 pm — arrival in Khao San
8:00 pm — free time 

Cambodia and Thailand

DAY 3: Stroll around Bangkok
8:00 am — had breakfast then went to Wat Pho
10:00 am — walk from Wat Pho to China Town
2:00 pm — went back to the hostel to had late lunch and to get rest
7:00 pm — stroll around Khao San

Cambodia and Thailand

DAY 4: Go back to the Philippines 

We spent 20,000php without airfare and you can check the estimated breakdown below.

2500php – 2 nights stay in Siem Reap
250php – tuktuk from airport to hostel
250php – harlem pants
3000php – tuktuk tour in Angkor Temples
3700php – 1 day pass for 2 in Angkor
3000php – direct bus from Siem Reap to Bangkok
2000php – 2 nights stay in Bangkok City
300php – Wat Pho entrance for 2
500php – taxi from hostel to airport
1000php – souvenirs
3500 – overall food

Cambodia and Thailand

We spent more in Cambodia because of the pass and tuk tuk where we spent 40% of our budget. While we only spent less in Bangkok thanks to their public free bus. To learn more about our trips, you can check out the links below.

Siem Reap –
Bangkok City  –

Cambodia and Thailand

Cambodia and Thailand

How hard is it to have a DIY international trip for first timers like us? Well, I’ve been planning this since last year and had made a lot of research so it was so easy for me and I’m used to this kind of things in the Philippines so it’s a ‘no sweat’ lol. My biggest problem was reaching Bangkok from Siem Reap since most of the blogs I’ve read started from Bangkok instead. I’ve read a lot about scams in Bangkok and in the Poipet-Aranyaprathet border too. That’s why I invested a lot with the Nattakan bus just to avoid spending unnecessary mollahs and I don’t want to be scammed! It will really hurt my pride if it did happen. Haha! Anyhow, there are a lot of blogs about crossing the border but i’ll still share my own version anyway. Just click here:

If only we had enough time to explore Thailand then we could have gone to Ayutthaya or even Chang Mai. Maybe next time fosho! Oh and before I forgot. We were able to booked the flighin all for 10,000php only and that’s for the 2 of us already.


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