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Border Crossing from Siem Reap to Bangkok

This is our first time traveling alone internationally and crossing the border is somewhat new to us. Reading blogs for reference, we only found few information about border crossing from Siem Reap to Bangkok.

Cambodia and Thailand

Usually, they cross from Bangkok to Siem Reap and it’s a little bit nerve wrecking when you can’t find infos. But how did we do it?

DIY Cambodia to Thailand

It’s been a while since we had our DIY trip together after we got married but now, we’re back on track. This time, we’re going international for the first time in our life and we are going to Cambodia and Thailand.
cambodia and thailand

Bangkok City

Bangkok is the capital of Thailand — an urban city with heavy traffic and busy people. However, don’t be discourage with it since Bangkok has a lot to offer. From temples and palaces, Thai foods, markets to night life. Well they have everything here for you.

Cambodia and Thailand