Surfing in San Juan, La Union

La Union (Elyu or L.U.) is a province of the Philippines located in the Ilocos Sur Region. It is also known as the surfing capital of the north and surfing in San Juan, La Union is very much known to every surfers nowadays.

surf in la union

Me and my boyfriend both miss surfing in Siargao but this time, we wanted to try other surf spots. It’s been said that San Juan was just an ordinary sea shore before until they discovered that the waves here are good for surfing.

Unfortunately, since it’s not a surfing season in La Union anymore, what we got are baby waves. But nevertheless, we still enjoyed it here. By the way, we would like to thanks the EIB (everything is beautiful band) member Mac, who accompanied us at our first night and who drank bottles of beers with us, to Maribel, Larry, and to Bulao (which is Neil’s school mate in Surigao before), who were very accommodating.

How to Get There?
Elyu is 5-6 away from Manila by bus. You can take Partas bus or any bus that is bound for Vigan or Laoag. Fare ticks is 400+ pesos.

Where to Stay?
There are a lot of resorts around the area but if you wanted to stay in place where you can meet new friends then you can stay in The Circle Hostel. It is known for its tagline ‘there are no strangers’.

circle hostel

Hostel’s common area.

You can stay in their hammocks or in their bunk beds and meet new people and drink beer or play with them. For more, you can go at their site:

3 257

The next morning, we strolled around the shore to check the place and had taho for our pre-meal breakfast.

la union
There were also a lot of dogs everywhere….

la unionla union
The sea was so calm and our view was so fascinating when we had our breakfast at Seanymph unionla union

Just like any other surfing session with a trainer, you will start with a little introduction of what and what’s not to do.
la union

And we started surfing with these baby waves. lol

la union


la union


It’s so hard to find bigger waves this season as they say and I was really looking for a big one just like in Siargao. The good thing about this session is that they let me paddle on my own unlike in Siargao. With all the talking and catching waves at the same time, it was fun. It made me feel good as well when they said that I have a potential in surfing like they want to teach me in a serious way.

la union

with Larry

Although it’s hard to say goodbye, we had to since we’re going to Vigan in the afternoon. After exchanging numbers with Maribel, we promised that we will visit them on a surfing season so that we can play again.

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