Side trip in Malapascua Island

After our overnight stay in Kalanggaman Island, where you can check here, Kuya ‘Crew’ of the pump boat suggested to us to have a side trip in Malapascua Island. Since most of my company has never been there, we never hesitated to go. Neil and I were quite excited too since our last trip  in Malapascua was not so memorable due to a typhoon. Haha!

malapascua island

Our side trip in Malapascua Island is unplanned and we’re not planning to stay overnight there since we’re almost out of money and there’s no ATM in the island. Nevertheless, it won’t stop us for having fun.

How to Get to the Island? 
From Cebu City, take a bus in North Bus Terminal for Maya Port. Travel time is 3-4 hours and fare is 160-170 pesos. From Maya Port, travel by pump boat is 30-45 minutes and for  80 pesos only.

When we arrived in the island, we strolled around the baranggay and looked for a carenderia since I was craving for monggos ’cause of my hangover. Haha!


While strolling around, you can still see the remnants of Typhoon Haiyan that devastated the island last 2013. Some built their new houses already while others are still working on it. Coconut trees are palm-less also while others are trying to grow new ones. Anyway, good thing about Filipinos is that we never fail to rise again from whatever catastrophe we may encounter. The Filipino Spirit!

We continued to stroll around and looked for Mango Shake to quench my thirst.

Malapascua IslandMalapascua Island

Then had a quick dip….

Malapascua Island

While strolling to the back side of the island, we found these signs.

Malapascua IslandMalapascua Island

Please don’t get me wrong but I’m not mocking or anything. I just find these amusing and yes, funny.

Moreover, when we got to the back side of the island, the turquoise crystal clear sea water was so inviting that you can’t say no to it. More photos below.

Malapascua IslandMalapascua IslandMalapascua IslandMalapascua IslandMalapascua Island

We left the island at 2pm and although the bus ride back to Cebu is very stressful, we didn’t regret the quick side trip we had in Malapascua,

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