Tinago Falls of Iligan City

It was a chilly morning on our 2nd day in Northern Mindanao — thanks to Bukidnon weather. We’d love to stay and cuddle with the pillow but we had to go to Iligan City that day. Nearly 4-hours away from Bukidnon, we had to travel back to Cagayan De Oro ’cause it’s the entry point for Iligan.

Tinago Falls of Iligan

Iligan City, the capital of Lanao del Norte, is the home of Maria Cristina Falls. Aside from Maria Cristina, Iligan is also proud of Tinago Falls, which is located in Linamon municipality.

How To Get There?
You have two options to get here. One is by jeep bound for Buru-an then you’ll have to take habal-habal or a motorcycle. Second is by hailing a taxi cab and pay him 1000php or you haggle. If I were you, I’ll choose the latter. But if you really want to be more adventurous or you just have a tight budget then choose the first option.

Now, once you reach the entry point, you have to pay for a 35 pesos entrance fee. For the raft, table and life jackets, you can pay it below.

Tinago Falls of IliganTinago Falls of Iligan

There’s also a special guard in the entrance.

Tinago Falls of Iligan

So where’s the falls?

Tinago Falls of Iligan

You still need to trek down using these stairs. But don’t be fooled my dear readers. I’m just showing this part of the stairs to not scare you. lol. You only need to trek down 500 steps. Easy right? Now think about the trek back to the entrance. Think again. lol

But the trek is all worth it once you reach the falls and I assure you with that. I fell in love with the falls by just looking at the pictures and to see the majestic falls in front of you is one of the best thing that could happen in your life. Just look at it.

Tinago Falls of Iligan

You still need to trek down using these stairs.

Tinago Falls of Iligan

I could really say that Tinago Falls of Iligan City is one of the best waterfalls I’ve visited to.

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