Cagayan De Oro River Rafting

We woke up at 6am and get ready for our last adventure of our Northern Mindanao Escapade! Hooray!! Cagayan De Oro is known for its river rafting and many adrenaline junkies have visited CDO for this main reason.

cagayan de oro rafting

But did you know that there are other places in the Philippines where you can enjoy the river raft? Well, of course, since Philippines has a lot of rivers then it isn’t impossible.

Cagayan De Oro river rafting is not the only place where you can experience the fun. Because CDO is just an hour away from Laguindingan Airport compared to others then it could be the reason. The river, which is in the middle of Bukidnon and CDO, is best for beginners who just want to try it out. For advanced, they also have a river in a higher area where there are bigger rapids and challenging obstacles. Below are the lists of places in the Philippines where you can enjoy river rafting.


  • Chico River in Kalinga Province
  • Quezon Province River
  • Mountain Province: Sagada’s White water enthusiasts
  • Ibulao River in Ifugao
  • “Twin River” in Apayao


  • Rafting in Tibiao river, Antique
  • Samar white water rafting in Calbiga river


  • White Rafting in Cagayan de Oro
  • Kabula river in Baungon,Bukidnon
  • Davao River in Davao

Now let’s have a look at our adventure. We booked at Bugsay and apparently, it’s worth it. The guides are approachable and knows how to take care of their guests.

This is one of the guides who’s giving the orientation.

CDO River Rafting

And here’s me showing the correct way in attacking as a cave woman…… lol just kidding.

CDO River Rafting

But seriously, we’re all scared to be honest since it’s our first time. Also, if you can remember, there was an accident before where someone drowned after everyone falls caused by the strong rapid. Tensed, we are still determined not to fall and to safely finish the 14 rapids.

CDO River RaftingCDO River Rafting

Every time you survived a rapid, everyone should raise their paddle and say ‘HIGH FIVE!!’

CDO River RaftingCDO River Rafting

Then there are still waters where you can swim.

CDO River RaftingCDO River Rafting

And there’s a part where you have to climb the rock and jump!!

CDO River Rafting

After all the fun, that is when we get serious. When our guide told us that the other half of the rapids has more obstacles, which means it’s getting technical, we were so determined not to fall because the 13th rapid is where the accident happened. When they say technical, there are rocks that we need to avoid for our inflatable raft not to be capsized.

Unfortunately, after we hit a big rock, 2 of our friends fell into the water but good thing is they’re safe. I envy them though ’cause I want to know how it feels to fell into the water in the middle of rafting lolweird. But I should stick to my goal where I shouldn’t hold to the grip and fall.

CDO River RaftingCDO River Rafting

Now look at me so happy and satisfied while I stick to my goal. lol! **I look retarded raising my paddle**
After 3 hours, we’re done with the adventure. Another checked list on my bucket list. Now, who says we can go home without a photo with our guide Darpax (the one in red), who’s been guiding guests for 11 years! Just imagine that! No wonder he’s the only one guiding us. lol.
CDO River Rafting
Then had some photoshoot with friends. And they said I should pose so I gave them a pose. lol
CDO River Rafting
So long CDO! Til next time!
To book in Bugsay, you can visit their Official Facebook page. Bugsay!!

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