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El Nido is one on my bucket list and supposedly, I have visited the place last year already but canceled it ’cause Neil can’t go with me (again) due to work and I’m not fond with solo backpacking before. But finally this year after my wedding (yes I got married! surpriiiissseee!!), I have decided to book again with my little sister who is coming home from Australia to celebrate her birthday as well.

el nido

El Nido is known for its very beautiful beaches, limestone mountains, caves, lagoons and marine life. Everyone wants to go to El Nido to experience its beauty but thinks that it is expensive. But it was proven wrong when we got there and only bring 10,000 pesos pocket money for 2 persons for 4 days and 3 nights. With our El Nido Travel Guide, it might help you a lot with your future plans.

As I’ve mentioned, we only spent 5,000 for the expenses for 2 persons without miscellaneous and airfare ticket. You can refer below.


We arrived in Puerto Prinsesa at 5:00 in the afternoon and took a van for El Nido which is located just beside the airport. For 500 pesos, you’ll arrive there in just 5 hours.

Where to Stay?
We stayed in Bacuit Bay Sands Inn and the photo above is your view once you wake up. Only 600 pesos for fan room and 1300 pesos for air-conditioned room.

el nido

And here’s our room for 3 nights
el nido

The next day, we walk around their small city to look for breakfast.
el nido el nido

Then we prepared for our Island Hopping. Unfortunately, due to a low pressure in Palawan area, Coast Guards didn’t allow us to go to Tour C. As safety precautions, we must follow their advise and should  be back at 2:00 in the afternoon. So we had Tour A instead for our first day. For only 2000 pesos  + 200 pesos for environmental fee, we can already choose 2 tours for 2 days. Not bad!

Tour A Island Hopping consists of the following spots:

  • small lagoon
  • big lagoon
  • shimizu island
  • secret lagoon
  • commando beach

We started the tour in Commando Beach

el nido el nido el nido

Big Lagoon
el nidoel nidoel nido

Then we had our lunch in Shimizu Island
el nidoel nidoel nidoel nido

Then my favorite — Small Lagoon. I enjoyed a lot here because I was able to swim and played with the stand up paddle board. Supposedly, it should be 500 pesos for an hour but our tour guide actually lend it to me for free. Yay!!!
el nidoel nidoel nidoel nidoel nido

First day was so fun and we wrapped it up by having dinner with this superb view.
el nidoel nido

The next day, we woke up hoping to have Tour C but, again, the weather got worst instead. In our second day, we had Tour B that consists of the following:

  • cathedral cave
  • snake island
  • hidden beach
  • pinagbuyutan beach
  • pangulusian beach

el nidoel nido

Then went to the cathedral
el nidoel nido

Had lunch with my new friends for that day lol
el nidoel nidoel nido

Then had fun free diving on the underwater cliff lol
el nido

The best part of the trip? To experience these kind of weather on our way to the mainland. Apparently, this is not the first time I experience this kind of waves. It’s not even that big compared to what we’ve experienced during the Ofelia typhoon in Malapascua. But since, I’m responsible for my little sister then it’s stressing me out. lol! But thank heavens we’re just safe!

el nidoel nido ,
Next time, I’ll prolly visit El Nido during summer so I can try Tour C and go to Nacpan Beach!

Til next time El Nido!


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  1. toanaks says:

    hi ming,

    what a lovely adventure you had in my cousin’s domain. she’s a mermaid and she told a lot of good things about her place. i hope i can pay her a visit this days. Anyway, i had fun looking at your pictures. Your world definitely has a lot of intriguing things. Hope you can visit my place (Biringan City) the soonest.


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