Dahilayan Forest Camp in Bukidnon

Finally, the wait is over and our first day of our Northern Mindanao trip has just begun! Dahilayan Forest Camp in Bukidnon is first in our list, which is located in Manolo Fortich. **I really love saying it all over again** lol

Dahilayan Bukidnon

Bukidnon  is a landlocked province in the Philippines located in the Northern Mindanao region. It is best know for its Dahilayan Adventure Park and Forest Park where the longest zipline in Mindanao is found. On your way to Dahilayan, you’ll pass the Del Monte pineapple plantation. One of the biggest pineapple plantation that exports around the world.

How To Go There?
If you are not staying overnight, you can take the Magnum Express Van in Agora Terminal for 350php each. In our case, since we are staying overnight in Bukidnon then we had to rent an entire van for 1500php one way. Not bad since there’s 7 of us. Take note that in going back to CDO from Bukidnon, you need to wait for the 4:30pm schedule of the Magnum Express Van. Below are the schedules.

Magnum Express Van

Now as I’ve mentioned above, we will be passing the Del Monte pineapple plantation so don’t miss taking pic with the gigantic pineapple.

Dahilayan BukidnonDahilayan Bukidnon

Where to Stay?
Surprisingly, I didn’t expect the weather in Bukidnon could be similar to Baguio but more quiet and with less crowd. The breeze is so cold once we got out off the van and immediately checked in to Saddle Ridge Camp.

Dahilayan Bukidnon

For 1500php per night, 5 of us can stay in one of their cabins already. You’ll just have to add 400php for the extra head since its only good for 4. Now I mentioned that there’s 7 of us, right? Well, the other 2 didn’t stay overnight since they still need to go to Camiguin. For a separate trip to Camiguin, you can click here: Camiguin Trip

Now, let’s go back to the main subject — Saddle Ridge Camp. The place is really cozy and very cowboy-ish. For the room, you can check it below. This includes 1 double deck, 1 bed, own CR with hot shower and a veranda.
Dahilayan BukidnonDahilayan Bukidnon

At night, it looks like this. 

Dahilayan BukidnonBukidnon Dahilayan

Supposedly, we are staying here that has bunk beds but no CR. This is good for group of 6 -8 friends. But if you want to rent an entire house then they have other rooms too.

Dahilayan Bukidnon

The place is just sooooo puuurrrrfeeeeecctttt like the weather.

Dahilayan BukidnonDahilayan BukidnonDahilayan Bukidnon

So everyone’s excited (i guess) to try the longest zipline in Mindanao and went to Dahilayan Adventure Park. Take note, Dahilayan Adventure Park and Forest Park are two different places but just few meters away. The zipline and the dropzone is found in the Adventure Park while the Forest Park has more rides to offer.

Dahilayan BukidnonDahilayan Bukidnon

And since it’s a little bit pricey, we decided to take photos instead. Then something caught our attention…..

Dahilayan Bukidnon

Actually, this is for free and we enjoyed more here than trying their expensive rides. We can really say that the 100pesos entrance didn’t go to waste. lol. We didn’t try the zipline as well ’cause everyone were having their lunch that time and we just decided not to. Anyway, there are a lot of ziplines here in Cebu.

Also, the parks are full of pine trees so we just waste our time taking pics of it.

Dahilayan BukidnonDahilayan BukidnonDahilayan BukidnonDahilayan Bukidnon

So you might wonder… Where is Neil? Well, he chose to work than to come with us. End of blog. lol

Now before you go, here’s a picture of me with my new friends….
Dahilayan Bukidnon

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  1. nice one ming! heheheeheh

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