Camiguin Island Tour and Mambajao’s Fiesta

Last 2 years, it should be my first solo travel and supposedly, it should be here in Camiguin. I have my round trip ticket already and everything’s packed in my back pack. Unfortunately, my boyfriend begged me not to do it ’cause he is concern with my safety. But as far as I know, Camiguin is one of those safest travel destination for female solo travelers. Anyhow, I still listened to my bf ’cause I think it’s so lonesome to travel without him as well. lol

Camiguin Island Tour

Mt. Hibok-hibok from white island

It is known for its 7 active volcanoes and this is the reason why it is called the Island Born in Fire. It is also one of those destinations that is added to every traveler’s bucket list. Why? Simply because it almost has everything from the hot/cold springs to white sand bar, and to the magnificent waterfalls. So hope this article will make you want to go to Camiguin although I bet, you’ve heard of this island before.

Aside from enjoying the different spots of the island, one of the main reason I’m here is because of Mambajao’s Fiesta! lol. Imagine the free accommodation and free pakals (food)!!! Hahahhahaahahaha! Since one of our friend from Oponside lives here then off we go. Anyhow, there are 3 ways to get to Camiguin, so here’s how.

How To Get There:

1. via CDO:
Take a plane/boat to Cagayan De Oro. Once you are in CDO, go to Agora Terminal via jeep or taxi and take a bus to Balingoan Port. Take a ferry to Benoni Port, Camuguin. Travel time is approximately 5-6 hours.

2. via Bohol:
From Tagbilaran, go to Jagna by bus then take a ferry to Camiguin. Travel time is approximately 5-6 hours. However, for now, trips from Bohol is currently stopped.

3. via Cebu:
Take a plane via Cebu Pacific Air.

Now, once we arrived in Camiguin, our good friend Jay fetched us from the airport and take us to their house. We had our breakfast first and had chit chats. Since it is fiesta in their main city, we checked for any activities and guess what. There was a parade but not just any typical parade. Why? ‘Cause the Avengers are here! lol

Camuguin Fiesta Camuguin Fiesta

Camiguin Island TourCamiguin Island Tour

Then went back to have unlimited tagay and pakals.

Camuguin FiestaCamuguin Fiesta

What To Do?
At the afternoon, we visited Ardent Hot Spring which is just 20 minutes away from their house. We rented a trike for 60 pesos each back and forth. Entrance Fee is only 30 pesos and you can already enjoy and relax in the spring without any limit.

Camuguin Island TourCamiguin Island TourCamiguin Island Tour

Camuguin Island TourCamuguin Island TourCamuguin Island Tour

Our first day in Camiguin ended up with unlimited beers, foods and chit chats. Tiring but fun! Also, we need to save some energy for tomorrow’s whole island day tour so we slept early.

The next morning, we rented a multicab for P1,700.00 for 7 spots and for 7 hours. Since we already went to Ardent, so we have 6 stops left.

1. Camiguin White Island/Sandbar
Camiguin Island Tour

I’m not really sure why this is called white island when there’s really no island here. It’s just pure white sand. Anyway, although we only spent less than an hour here, we really enjoyed it maybe because of the big waves and of course ’cause of the view.

Entrance is P20.00 and boat rental is P450.00 for 6 pax.

Camiguin Island Tour

We go gaga over the clear waters. lol

Since there are no trees here, you can rent tables with umbrellas.

Camiguin Island Tour

Now, for the group pics! lol (sorry it’s blurry. damn you gopro fog)

Camiguin Island TourCamiguin Island Tour

And there’s my favorite…. the struggle in the waves. Hmm, I should make an album in facebook and call it like that with all my photos of struggles. lol

Camiguin Island TourCamiguin Island Tour

Camiguin Island Tour

Moving ooooonnnnnnnn ’cause I can hear you laughing already. Next stop is..

2. Sunken Cemetery
Camiguin Island Tour

No entrance fee so huuuraaaay for that!

You can actually go to the big cross by a small boat. You can also snorkel to see the cemetery below but sadly my friends doesn’t like to do it *insert sad face* so we just took some photos with the cross. History is that when one of the volcanoes erupted, the cemetery sank to the bottom.

Camiguin Island Tour

Jay and Kate



3. Old Church Ruins
Camiguin Island Tour

I love this part of the tour ’cause it’s not a typical ruins. It’s actually a church that’s been ruined by a volcanic eruption (yes, again!) in 1870s. What’s left wast the bell tower.

Camiguin Island Tour

(c) xiela

Camiguin Island TourCamiguin Island Tour

They also have the century tree here.

Camiguin Island Tour

No entrance fee but they’ll ask for donations so please donate. 😉

4. Soda Spring
Camiguin Island Tour

The name itself explains it. Once you drink from it, you will going to burp just like after drinking a soda. But don’t expect too much. It doesn’t taste like sprite or 7 up. When I tasted it, I didn’t drink it again lol. Also, don’t drink from the spring but drink from here. Unless you want to taste some urine lol.

Camiguin Island Tour

5. Sto. Nino Cold Spring
Camiguin Island Tour

Since Cebu has a lot of springs, this is not really new to me. We just enjoyed having lunch while drinking emperador and had chit chats.

Camiguin Island TourCamiguin Island TourCamiguin Island Tour

Entrance fee of their spring resorts are 30 pesos while cottages ranges from 50-70 pesos.

6. Katibawasan Falls
This was our last stop of the day. There are other falls aside from this and I think this is the most famous one.

Camiguin Island Tour

The falls is so effin’ high and it was my first time to see as high as Katibawasan. It was indeed majestic. Although, it was an easy access and a no sweat hike, it is still worth it. Aside from that, we’re the only group who went there that time so we had the place all to ourselves.

Surrounded with trees, you should respect the place by lowering your voice and not to be too noisy.

Camiguin Island Tour

The Falls from the entrance.

Camiguin Island TourCamiguin Island TourCamiguin Island Tour

Just to warn you, the water is so cold you need a fireplace with you once you swim! lol. And if you are lucky enough, try to check the trees around you. You’ll see your long lost brothers and sisters clinging to it — the monkeys. Hah!

So that’s how our tour ended. Once we got home, we ate again ’cause it’s still fiesta. lol. It was really ossum!!! Next year, we’ll prolly go back since we’re planning to organize a skate competition in their fiesta. So excited! Hope you enjoy our Camiguin Island Tour and Mambajao’s Fiesta!!

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