DIY Sagada Travel Guide

Sagada of Mountain Province is now getting a lot more of attention after a Filipino movie featured the jaw-dropping view of Kiltepan. There’s also a lot of package tours for friends and family around Facebook that will make the trip easier and convenient. But how about those who doesn’t want to book to these package tours? How easy to reach Sagada by commuting? Well, it’s as easy as throwing a rock to someone you hate *insert evil face here*. Just kidding, of course it’s not that easy to throw a rock to someone. But going to DIY Sagada trip? Well it is!

DIY Sagada

Small town of Sagada

How to Get There?
Take a GL/Lizardo Bus from Baguio City. First trip would be 7:00am and last trip is 2:00pm. Travel time is roughly 5-6 hours but don’t worry, you’ll enjoy the view in Halsema Hi-way.

Where to Stay?
It was raining hard when we arrived in Sagada in the afternoon. We then look for a place to stay in for the night and found Lodge Labanet which only cost us 500 for a room for 2 with a private CR already. Not bad at all!

DIY SagadaDIY Sagada

It has a cold/hot shower, a balcony, a very spacious room, it’s a 5 minute walk from the tourism office and has a wifi in their lobby. You can also see the small town of Sagada from the balcony.

DIY Sagada

View from the balcony when we arrived.

All around Sagada!
Before doing any thing in Sagada, especially for tours, you will have to pay P35.00 in their tourism’s office for the environmental fee. For those who are going solo, you can ask for their help and assistance in joining other groups to save more money for tour guide fees.

For food, it’s really not that difficult to look for something to eat here. Every corner of the street has restaurants and since Sagada is just a small town, it will only take you minutes to reach each one of them. Of course, by walking.

We had dinner in Salt and Pepper where they serve steaks.

DIY Sagada

DIY Sagada DIY Sagada

Then had some bottles of beer at Reggae Bar beside Kimchi Restaurant. A very cozy place for tourist where you can drink beer with friends while listening to their cool reggae music.

DIY SagadaDIY Sagada

You can also leave something in the wall as a proof that you went to Sagada. For us, we left a 20 peso bill and wrote our names on it.

DIY Sagada

Oponside Represent! lol

Then you can also enjoy their fries, order more bottle of beers and call it a night.

DIY SagadaDIY Sagada

The next day, we woke up at 4:30 am and get ready for Kiltepan Sunrise. For 500 pesos, a van will fetch you from your hotel/lodge/inn and will bring you to Kiltepan until sunrise. So while we’re waiting for the sunrise, we took some photos from our GoPro and ate cup noodles since it’s really really cold.

By the way, expect for more dramatic photos below. lol

DIY Sagada

Time-lapse of Kiltepan Sunrise


DIY Sagada

Then we went to Echo Valley to see the hanging coffins. But before that, you will have to pass through this cemetery.

DIY Sagada

DIY Sagada

I really though that trekking down to the hanging coffins is easy. It’s so steep and I’m so tired already from all the walking and hiking we’ve done for the past few days. So we just decided to stay somewhere where there’s a nice view of the coffins. Things that I’ve learned from the hanging coffins? They are pagans and how high or low their coffins were hanged doesn’t have any meaning. I thought there was ’cause I read it from one of the blogs but it seems it’s not true. Bohoo!

There are a lot of activities you can do in Sagada. Too bad that we’re in a hurry and we need to be in Baguio City in the afternoon. All in all, we loved Sagada so much that we’d like to live there. lol. Maybe, next time we’ll try caving and visit their waterfalls. Maybe.

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