DIY Cordillera Adventure (Baguio-Banaue-Bontoc-Kalinga-Sagada)

This trip is one of those memorable ones we have. There were a lot of unexpected things that had happened to us along the way. Long bus trips, toploading in jeepneys, the landslides and to trek the Cordillera mountains that we are unfamiliar with while being drenched with rain. Still, it was all worth it!

Again, this is our Do-It-Yourself DIY Cordillera trip. Thanks to all the blogs as my resources, the trip was successful and an achievement to be proud of.

DAY 1:
7:00 am – arrival in NAIA
9:00 am – departure for Baguio City via Victory Liner
3:00 pm – arrival in Baguio City
2:00 pm – had our late lunch then stroll around Session Road while waiting for our bus for Banaue
9:00 pm – dinner before leaving Baguio for Banaue via Ohayami Bus

DIY Cordilleraa

[GIF] Goodbye Cebu!

DIY Cordillera

DAY 2:
6:00 am – arrival in Banaue
2:00 pm – breakfast then stroll around the area
9:00 am – departure for Bontoc
2:00 pm- departure for Buscalan Village
2:00 pm– landslide
2:00 pmunexpected trek to Cordillera mountains to reach the other end of the road
4:00 pm – topload to Buscalan Village
5:00 pm – arrival in Buscalan Village’s turning point
2:00 pm– hike to the Village
6:00 pm – arrived in the Village
2:00 pm– had dinner and drink ‘kuatro kantos’ with the villagers
9:00 pm – lights out

Banaue Rice Terraces


Buscalan Village

The Landslide



[GIF] Topload after the landslide.

wang-od kalinga

[GIF] Trek to Buscalan Village

DAY 3:
5:30 am – woke up early for the tattoo session
7:00 am – start with the tattoo session
9:00 am – done with the tattoo
2:00 pm– get ready to trek down to turning point
10:00am- start with the hike
11:00am – reached the turning point
2:00 pm– Topload Jeepney bound for Bontoc
2:00 pm– trek again the mountains of Cordillera to reach the other end of the road due to landslide (still not fixed)
1:00 pm – arrival in Bontoc via Bus
2:00 pm– late lunch
3:00 pm – departure for Sagada
4:00 pm – arrival in Sagada
2:00 pm– check in/dinner/chill out in Reggae Bar
10:00pm- lights out

Buscalan Village

Tattoo Session in Buscalan

Wang-Od Kalinga

Wang-Od Kalinga


Topload Philippines

[GIF] Toploading in the Philippines!

Buscalan Village

After the 2nd trek!

DIY Sagada

DAY 4:
4:00 am – wake up early for Kiltepan Sunrise
7:00 am – breakfast
2:00 pm– hike to Echo Valley
10:00pm- check out/departure for Baguio City
4:00 pm – arrival in Baguio City
2:00 pm– stroll around the city
2:00 pm– watched Attack on Titan in SM Baguio lol
10:00pm- departure for Manila

DIY Sagada

Baguio City

It’s always raining in Baguio

DIY Cordillera

DAY 5:
3:00 am – arrival in Manila
2:00 pm– for NAIA
6:00 am – flight for Cebu
7:00 am – arrival in Cebu

The best part of our adventure is? Learning a lot from each other, like, seriously. It was fun, tiresome, risky and very unpredictable. So if you’ll be planning to do a DIY Cordillera trip in the future? Be ready physically, mentally and emotionally. lol!

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10 Responses to DIY Cordillera Adventure (Baguio-Banaue-Bontoc-Kalinga-Sagada)

  1. rad says:

    ayaw lagih ming for threeee! 😀

  2. Frank says:

    How much budget?

    • mingjamoves says:

      Hi, I can’t really say how much ’cause it will depend on your destination and how many you are in the group. In our case, since we’re only two, our budget is a little bit big.

  3. Pauline says:

    Hi. I’m planning to do this trip – alone. Haha. Will that be okay? I’m a girl. Kaya ko ba ‘to alone? Pleaseeeeee respond

    • mingjamoves says:

      I think you can as long as you have your motivation and you’re eager to. Locals there are friendly but be extra careful always 😉

  4. The cordillera region is one of my favorite travel destinations. The rice terraces, the cold temperature and most especially the people!

    And yes, I agree that one of the best about it is the thrilling topload! Definitely unforgettable. I was able to try it when I traveled to Batad, Ifugao. Ang saya hahaha! It’s terrifying at first but once you learned to sway or to move with the flow, it’s going to be amazing!

    • mingjamoves says:

      Right! Our Cordillera trip was the best so far. It’s even more terrifying when it’s raining so hard and there’s a landslide. But nevertheless, it’s still worth it!

  5. Quinn says:

    thanks so much for this! i am going crazy creating itinerary for this trip yet i found your blog as a solution, it was dope! i’ll twitch it a bit but it’s a big help. BIG. HUGE. thanks!

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