DIY Davao-Bislig-Hinatuan-Tandag-Lanuza-Surigao City

So many asked us, ‘Why go to Davao if you’re going to Enchanted River? You can go to Butuan’ and blah blah blah’.

I have my own reasons and one of those is to experience how safe Davao City is. Neil has  relatives in Davao too and he wanted to visit them that’s it. Although, we didn’t stay that long in Davao thanks to the delayed flight of Cebu Pacific, we were still able to experience how safe the place and how responsible Davaoeños are.

tinuy-an falls

It was a long trip from Davao to Surigao City and this post will give you an idea how to travel in a DIY Davao-Bislig-Hinatuan-Tandag-Lanuza-Surigao City route.

Before we start, let me show to you our expenses for two (2).


As I’ve mentioned earlier, our entry point is Davao City and we arrived there at 8pm. We went directly to Neil’s cousin’s house and had a little chit chat. After that, we went somewhere to grab some drinks before we travel to Bislig City.

Davao CityDavao City Davao City

Well I guess everyone heard of liquor ban in Davao City already so yes it is true. Of course you can still drink but it would be until 12 midnight only. And believe me, when they say they’ll close at 12 midnight, they’ll really close their stalls. But Neil’s cousin said that you can still drink as long as it’s not in the public. Preferably, in your house or somewhere hidden.

After the drinking session, off we go to the bus terminal and it was amazing they have folding beds you can use while waiting for your trips.

Davao City

We left Davao City at 1am and arrived the next day in Bislig City at 7 in the morning. Went directly to Tinuy-an Falls then Enchanted River. You can visit the posts here:

tinuy-an falls

enchanted river

At 3pm, we ride a bus to Tandag City, which is 2 hours away from Hinutuan. At night, we visited their boulevard.

Note: There are direct flights from Manila and Cebu to Tandag City.

Tandag City

Tandag City

The next morning, we took a van for Lanuza and it takes 2 hours to reach the place. Not sure if you’ve heard about Lanuza but it is an underrated surf spot. To know more about Lanuza, go to this post:

Lanuza, Surigao del SurLanuza, Surigao del Sur

We stayed overnight in Lanuza and left the next day for Surigao City where we will be meeting Neil’s friends (since he went there for HS) and as our exit point. It will take you 4-5 hours before you reach Surigao City. When we arrived the city, all we did is to drink the whole night and the next day before our flight. LOL.

Surigao CitySurigao CitySurigao City

So if you want to try this route, hope this helps! Ciao!

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