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Tinuy-an Falls of Bislig City

We arrived in Mangagoy at around 7:00 in the morning. We meet our guide for the whole day and went instantly to our first destination, the Tinuy-an Falls of Bislig City. It took almost an hour before we reach the falls and it is already starting to drizzle. And when we arrived, I was so excited to see the ‘Niagara Falls’ of Mindanao.

tinuy-an falls

However, what I imagined was so different from the actual falls in front of me. Apparently, we went there on a summer and when the country is struggling with El Nino. Even so, we we’re still in awe although we’re a little bit fighting that time. lol

The Enchanted River of Surigao del Sur

One of the top tourist destination in the country can be found in Mindanao. It is the Enchanted River of Surigao del Sur. I guess, everyone has it on their bucket list. It was even featured in one of the blogs where it says ‘one of the destination you need to go before you die’. The name itself describes the river for its enchanting stories and mysterious events.

enchanted river

But why is it called Enchanted River and what makes it enchanting? Locals say that there are supernatural beings who resides there. Encountering new species of fish that is hard to be caught whatever method they use is one of their stories. Fishes coming out at exactly 12 noon after the bell strikes is somewhat amazing yet mind boggling. Many swimmers drown in the river and has never been found again. But are all of these true or just mere stories?

DIY Davao-Bislig-Hinatuan-Tandag-Lanuza-Surigao City

So many asked us, ‘Why go to Davao if you’re going to Enchanted River? You can go to Butuan’ and blah blah blah’.

I have my own reasons and one of those is to experience how safe Davao City is. Neil has  relatives in Davao too and he wanted to visit them that’s it. Although, we didn’t stay that long in Davao thanks to the delayed flight of Cebu Pacific, we were still able to experience how safe the place and how responsible Davaoeños are.

tinuy-an falls

It was a long trip from Davao to Surigao City and this post will give you an idea how to travel in a DIY Davao-Bislig-Hinatuan-Tandag-Lanuza-Surigao City route.

Left my heart in Lanuza, Surigao del Sur

When you think of surfing in the Philippines, you will immediately remember Siargao Island as the surfing capital. Once you hear Surigao, the island comes in your mind straightaway. But let’s forget about it and let’s explore another surfing spot in Surigao, which is located in Sur or in the southern part of Surigao province.

[Note: This will be a long post and more on mushy storytelling. lol]

lanuza, surigao del sure

Me and my boyfriend got addicted to surfing and we get stoked on it as if it’s our first time. Days are better if you are on a surf trip. It’s not all about getting a good picture for you to brag on social medias like Facebook and Instagram. But it’s the feeling of satisfaction when you catch the waves. It is all about meeting new friends and spending the day with no rush. A carte blanche for once in a while.  However, this trip was fun but escalated immediately to despondency and you’ll know about it if you’ll read this entire post.