Diguisit Falls and Rock Formation

On our first day, we went to the Diguisit Falls and Rock Formation and it was really ossuuuuum! I’m into rock formations and waterfalls because we don’t have that at home. lol. It was just the first day but I was already in-loved with Baler’s beauty. So many things to see and so many spots to take photos with.

DIY Baler Trip

Diguisit is an open beach that is beside with the famous surf spot Cobra Reef that has bigger waves compared to Sabang Beach. Our guide also mentioned that this is where final competitions are held.

Diguisit Rock FormationDiguisit Rock Formation

This rocky paradise is indeed a best spot for pictorials. Add the waves in the background and a drama effect pose. lol

Diguisit Rock Formation

Diguisit Rock Formation

Now before the Rock Formation, you can have a side trip to Diguisit Falls which is just along the road.

Diguisit Rock Formation

FYI, for you to reach this spot, you will need to climb up this high. (Just don’t mind the blurry effect.)

Diguisit Rock Formation

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