Ditumabo Falls in Baler

I’ve read a lot of stories on some blogs that the trek to the falls is very challenging but when we were there, it was a so-so for us. Since we are used in trekking in most of our trips, it was a no-sweat trek. hahaha!

DIY Baler Trip

Ditumabo Falls in Baler came from the phrase ‘dito tumago’ because this is an old hideout for NPAs, as what our guide told us. But last 2010, it was approved that the name will be changed into Mother Falls. 

It is a 30-45 mins trek before you reach the mother falls. On your way there, big boulders, a running river and dead coconut trees will be your view.

Ditumabo falls

DIY Baler TripDIY Baler Trip

Why they’re dead? Recently a strong typhoon named Nona hit Aurora and it’s neighboring provinces.

Moreover, you will also have to cross 3 bamboo bridges that were made by the locals so be ready with some coins ’cause they’ll ask for donations for the maintenance.

Ditumabo fallsDitumabo falls

Ditumabo falls

Almost there.

Ditumabo fallsDitumabo falls

Finally we have arrived so I immediately took a dip.

Ditumabo falls

My bf didn’t dare to take a dip since he is scared of the falling debris (which is actually referring to falling boulders). So after a 10 minutes, we just left immediately *sobs

In the bright side, it’s a good thing we left early ’cause it’s surfing time!!

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