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Team Building in Oslob with Steno!!

What month is it?!!! It’s TEAM BUILDING TIME!!!! and this time it will be in Oslob. *insert party emoticon here*

Everyone’s excited for the team building since it would be the best time for us to get relax from all the stress at work. Aside from that, we will be visiting a lot of ‘Tourist Spots’ in Oslob.


off to Tumalog Falls!

This is not my first time in Oslob since I’ve visited their most known tourist spot here which is the whale shark watching in Tan-awan and their Tumalog Falls last Summer. But this time, the team won’t pay a visit to whale shark watching since it’s quite expensive and we’re having a tight budget. So how did it go?

Take a shower in Tumalog Falls, Oslob

After lunch from Whale Shark Watching in Tan-awan, we went to Tumalog Falls immediately to freshen up. Also known as Mag-ambak or Tuslob Falls, this falls is not just your ordinary waterfalls compared to the famous Kawasan Falls in Badian where you can swim. The water is also not clear compared to other falls. But what makes this waterfalls very unique?

Tumalog Falls

Tumalog Falls

Encounter with the Gentle Giants (Whale Shark) in Oslob

I’ve been planning ever since to try out the Whale Shark watching in Oslob, Cebu. If you’ll think about it, it would be so amazing to swim together with those super-mega-massive-sized whale, right? However, my mum really doesn’t want me to go there because she insisted that they are still animals and we will not know what they might do to us. But since I’m with my ‘laag’ buddy already then it’s fine with her. nyahehehe

But in spite of all the fun with this kind of experience, I still find it very distressing.

also known as 'Tuki'

also known as ‘Tuki’