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DIY Sagada Travel Guide

Sagada of Mountain Province is now getting a lot more of attention after a Filipino movie featured the jaw-dropping view of Kiltepan. There’s also a lot of package tours for friends and family around Facebook that will make the trip easier and convenient. But how about those who doesn’t want to book to these package tours? How easy to reach Sagada by commuting? Well, it’s as easy as throwing a rock to someone you hate *insert evil face here*. Just kidding, of course it’s not that easy to throw a rock to someone. But going to DIY Sagada trip? Well it is!

DIY Sagada

Small town of Sagada

Wang-Od: The Last Kalinga Tattoo Artist

There were so many things that happened to us on our way to Buscalan village to get a traditional tattoo from Wang-Od. There were times where I told Neil that we should head back to Bontoc instead and just forget about it but then decided to pursue with the plan the next minute. It was a very unexpected trip and had to hike steep mountains of Cordillera just to reach the village due to landslide. However, I think everything was worth it and something to be proud of after all.


Exploring Baguio City

Baguio City is the summer capital of the Philippines and to tell you honestly, I’m not really planning to go there. My friends keep on telling me to go with them but I’m not really interestedThe movie ‘That thing called tadhana’ didn’t change my mind as well ’cause after the movie, I’m still not interested to go there (no offense to Baguio peeps).

But hey! There are more things aside from parks that will make you love Baguio City. Aside from it’s cold weather and strawberries, I love how people dress up in Baguio. lol

baguio city

Also, when you are in Baguio, it seems like you are not in the Philippines anymore. etchos! So what did we do in Baguio?