Solo Trip to Baguio and La Union

Yes, you read it right! Finally, I traveled solo for the very first time after canceling the Camiguin and El Nido solo trip ’cause of my boyfriend’s request! Supposedly, he is coming with me but due to work, he can’t and thanks to that I was able to travel alone! lol The original plan was Zambales-Pangasinan and since boat rentals are expensive especially if you’re alone then naaaah.

Solo Trip to Baguio and La Union

I’ll be sharing more on how I feel during this trip so if you’re not into it then shoo-shoo. 

So as I have mentioned, this is my first trip traveling alone and I’m a little bit excited! The best part is that this is the first trip I had wherein I didn’t have any itinerary at all. Even the day before the flight, I’m still thinking if I should go to Baguio or somewhere else so this will be one of my firsts.

Anyhow, this will be as easy as 1-2-3 for me since I’ve been to Baguio last year (for like 8 hours only lol) Decided to go here to unwind before the **insert a personal reason here which I can’t share yet** and of course I just want to chill. As you know or maybe not, I love amazing-race-like trips but this time, i’ll take everything slowly. So it’s a me time! 

Solo Trip to Baguio and La Union

This is just an example of my expenses in this solo trip. You can actually save more if you’ll stay to less expensive room in Baguio City. However, the place I’m staying at is just along Session Road, which is more accessible to most of jeepney terminals and some restaurants.


How To Get To Baguio City?
When I arrived at NAIA, I went directly to the airport bus terminal that’s bound for MRT/LRT station then walked to Victory Liner station since I don’t know what jeepney to take lol! But if you’re not that familiar with Manila then just flag a taxi but please choose metered taxi.
***Fare is 460 for regular bus and 750 for deluxe.

Solo trip in baguio and la unionSolo trip in baguio and la union

After the 6-7 hours travel, we arrived in Baguio at 3pm and the first thing I did when I stepped on Baguio soil is to cry! LOLJK! Srsly, of course I looked around to observe the people around me. Then I bought the strawberry taho ’cause me and Neil didn’t  try this before. Did I like it? Big NO. No offense to Baguio peeps but I’m not into sweets I just want to try it out.

Solo trip in baguio and la union

I rode a jeepney which is bound for i-dont-have-any-idea-where. I just listened to the other commuters and said they’re for SM or Burnham or Downtown and so I decided that I’ll go to downtown as well. Thanks to GPS, I can still track if where exactly I am.

I looked for the nearest inn along the streets of Session Road and is close to the night market and thank god there’s La Brea Inn. For 1250 per night, here’s my room. Located in the 4th floor of a building where Yellow Cab is. Just near the night market, the jeepney stop for Mines View and just along Session Road. Well if you are in a tight budget then there’s a lot of inns around Baguio but a little bit far.

Solo trip in baguio and la union

What to Do in Baguio?
To tell you honestly, we weren’t able to explore Baguio before ’cause it was raining and very cold last time so I don’t have any idea where to go. But thanks to my data, I can just easy search for ‘what to do in Baguio for alone and lost traveler’ LOL but don’t take it seriously I’m not lost …. yet. So first thing that caught my attention is the brewery so I flagged a taxi and went there!

Baguio Craft Brewery

Baguio Craft Brewery

Since this is my first time here, it’s a good thing that the staff has an introduction to each of the brewed beers. They will ask if you want the light or the hard and I chose the light. Simply because I don’t want to be drunk at my first night in Baguio.

Baguio Craft Brewery

What I like here is the view, the music, the food, the beer or shall I say everything? Or am I exaggerating?

Baguio Craft BreweryBaguio Craft Brewery

I went back to inn to have a rest ’cause I got tipsy hahahaha! Also, I’m planning to check the Night Market for ukay-ukays!

Night Market

Baguio Night Market

I just took a picture ’cause there’s really a lot of people doing the ukay ukay and I can’t breath lol! After a quick glimpse, I bought for some snacks then watch Discovery then slept.

In my 2nd day, I woke up at 5am and get ready for Cafe in the Sky. However, due to some DENR issues, I didn’t go there instead ’cause I don’t want to be stranded in the middle of nowhere! So I just went to some parks.

Wright Park

Wright Park

There’s really nothing to see here but pine trees and people jogging or simply strolling around. I just took some photos, checked the mansion and went back to the city.

Wright Park Wright Park

Then I flag a taxi to go to PMA ’cause boyf asked me to buy him a tshirt souvenir. lol

PMA (Philippine Military Academy)

philippine military academy

I just strolled around after I bought the tshirt and took some photos (again).

philippine military academyphilippine military academy

And since it’s almost lunch time, I remembered about a cafe in Baguio that is popular but an off the beaten path.

Arca’s Yard

Arca's Yard

Arca's YardArca's Yard

After having my lunch in the cafe, got bored and went back to the inn to check out. Then I decided to go to Elyu!!! Yep, La Union is just 2-3 hours away from Baguio City so why not?

How To Get To San Juan, La Union from Baguio City?

Go to bus terminals beside SM and look for Partas station that is bound for San Fernando. Fare is 98 pesos only. From San Fernando, ride a jeep that is bound for Bacnotan and tell the driver that your stop is in Surf Shack.

Where did I stay in La Union?

Last time, we stayed in Circle Hostel so this time, I went directly there and checked in for a hammock.



It’s not a surfing season that time in Elyu and there were baby waves only so I didn’t surf at all. Good thing there’s a stand up paddle and I paddled alone for 30 minutes.


So did I learn something from traveling alone? YES and it is that it’s very hard to take a selfie especially for me who is not used to it LOL! But srsly, you need to learn to haggle and weigh everything if they’re worth the price or not.

For female travelers who wants to try how it feels to travel alone, be careful and be vigilant always. I read solo female travelers’ blogs before and people will be shocked once they know you’re alone and it’s really true. Their reactions and the mixed response. Some will be amazed how confident you are while others will tell you that it’s not good to travel alone.

Also, don’t be scared to ask to locals who you think you can trust with and be ready with your GPS, it will become your best friend! lol.


So that’s it! A successful solo trip to Baguio and La Union. So maybe next time, I’ll do it again ’cause it’s fun! But still thinking though if where it will be.

2 Responses to Solo Trip to Baguio and La Union

  1. Hannah Baker says:

    Hi, I am planning to have the baguio-LU trip like yours..what month po ang best time to travel alone and othet tips on traveling alone?

    I just came out of a relationship and this will be my way of recharging and regaining focus on my life. Thank you so much

    • mingjamoves says:

      Hi there!

      If you want to surf, September to February is the best time to go to LaUnion and the weather in Baguio City will be colder during that time. But if you want it to be less touristy then you can visit during weekdays.

      I would suggest the places I’ve been in Baguio City ’cause you can really enjoy yourself alone there. If you want to meet new people, I’d suggest Circle Hostel in LaUnion to meet new friends but I’d recommend to stay there on weekend ’cause there’ll be a lot of guests that time.

      Since you’ll be alone, be vigilant always. Be careful if someone gives you drinks. Just be friendly and don’t be afraid to ask if you’re lost. Use google maps apps it became my bestfriend that time. Enjoy! 🙂

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