Hong Kong and Macau

Hong Kong and Macau are the Filipino’s top destinations for first time international trips. Since we live in a tropical country, Filipinos go to these countries to experience a winter but without ‘the snow’.

These countries are said to be expensive like Singapore. As of November 2017, Hong Kong is in the 5th place of the highest cost of living in the world. (Source: https://tinyurl.com/y83wp4xv).

But who said you can’t have fun by spending less? By taking Disneyland and Ocean Park off our list ’cause we’re not into amusement parks (except for Universal Studio of course!), we have more time to experience the authenticity of Hong Kong’s culture and enjoy Macau’s modern structures.

Their culture
Hong Kong citizens aren’t fond of helping others and doesn’t understand/speak the English language very well. They also love shoving you off if you’re on their way especially when they’re in a hurry. Since we stayed somewhere in Hung Hom and Whampoa, it’s not that touristy anymore and mostly Hong Kongese/Hong Kongers are strolling the area so I have experienced being shove off thrice lol. They are also loud in public as if someone’s arguing. One time, I ask for coins as a change but the cashier just speaks in Cantonese and obviously said something bad about me. These are just some of the things I’ve experienced while staying there and have been confirmed from the OFWs weve talked to. No hard feelings though ’cause this is how they are. I’m not saying that all of them are like these but probably most of them.

Where To Stay?
Most of the cheap hostels are in Chungking Mansion in Nathan Road Tsim Sha Tsui ranging from 1000-3000 per night.

We stayed in my aunt’s friend’s boarding house for only 60hkd or 350php per head per night. Saved a lot and we had 2 OFW boardmates who treat us always!

Means of Transportation
Buy their Octopus Card for 150hkd or borrow your friend’s card to reload it in any 7/11 or Circle K or train stations. You can use it in in MTR, bus, or buying in 7/11 and Circle K.

If you don’t have octopus card yet, you can pay in coins but make sure that it’s the exact amount ’cause they won’t give a change to it.

Don’t forget to buy their sim card for 100hkd and load it with 50hkd to avail the unlimited net and calls for 1 month. Google map will become your best friend there so this is a must! However, if your itinerary is just around the famous tourist spots then you don’t need this. Just follow the MRT lines in the map and you’ll find your way easily.

What To Do in Hong Kong?

Tian Tan Buddha

We went to the Tian Tan/Big Buddha in our first day and just after we arrive in Hong Kong. Big Buddha is situated in Lantau Island where the airport is just minutes away.
For more information, you can click here.

10000 Buddhas Monastery

See the 10000 Buddhas with different and even weird faces while you’re taking the 431 steps.
For more information, you can click here.

Ladies/Night Markets

Use your haggle skills to buy souvenirs and shop for cheap items here.

Food Trip in Mong Kok

Harbour View Deck

Enjoy watching the view of Central buildings

Gardens of the Star

Known as the avenue of the stars but since it was moved due to the on-going construction then they also changed the name for the mean time. lol

Choi Hung Mansion

An old housing estate in Hong Kong for low income residents to live in.

Bonus Spot: Velodrome
If you’re into skate parks, Hong Kong has a lot of it. We went to Velodrome since this is the newest park they have.

How to Get to Macau?
There are ferry trips from HK to Macau and vice versa daily. It is just an hour away that’s why most of the tourists in Hong Kong goes to Macau and have a 1 day trip. If you are into casinos then this is the place you are looking for.

For tickets, we booked it online thru Klook.com

What To Do in Macau?
Visit the famous casino hotels
Macau is known for its casinos and hotels. It is very famous for its gambling industry and the fact that it has a Portuguese/Chinese culture.

Sign Up for a free membership in any casino
Yes, you read it right. You can sign up for free membership in any casinos in Macau and have the card as your souvenir.

Eat in Venetian
Venetian is the biggest casino in Macau with an amazing outdoor-like structure inside.

Ride the Gondola
You can ride the Gondola while listening to the Gondola choir inside the Venetian Hotel.

Senado Square
Located in the center of Macau Peninsula is part of the UNESCO Historic Centre of Macau World Heritage Site.

Ruins of St. Paul
A 16th-century cathedral that is considered the famous landmark in Macau.

It was a fun trip although a risky one. We only have 5,000 pesos worth of money with us but thanks to my aunts and their friends who we stayed with and who keeps treating us food and giving us almost everything from free SIM card for the unlimited internet/calls to the octopus cards with free loads on it.

Yes, we know that we miss the magical Disneyland and Ocean Park. Again, we don’t need to pay for those expensive stuff to experience fun. There are a lot of ways to experience Hong Kong and Macau in a different non-touristy way.

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