Fascinating 10000 Buddhas Monastery

There are lot of temples with Buddhas or Hindu gods we have visited since we started traveling abroad. From the magnificent temples in Cambodia to the cave temple in Malaysia and even the reclining Buddha in Thailand. Now, there is another place in Hong Kong that is quite interesting just by its name that really caught my attention — the fascinating 10000 Buddhas Monastery.

The Monastery is located in Sha Tin which is a little bit far from Tsim Sha Tsui but can easily be reached by MTR. It actually has 13,000 Buddhas and what’s fascinating about it is not only the number of Buddhas but the fact that each of them has different expressions and positions.

How To Get There?
Take the MTR blue line then get off at Sha Tin station and take the Exit B. Walk toward the Sha Tin governmental building. On the right side is a big parking garage for the Home Center Shopping Mall. The entrance for the 10000 Buddhas temple is on the left-hand side and will lead you through some bamboo groves.

I know. I know. It’s confusing so if you’re lost just ask the locals or use Google Map. Just a reminder though, some locals doesn’t know that the monastery exists.

The way to the top is lined up by life size gold painted Buddhas. It is entertaining and it will help you forget that you’re taking 431 steps to reach the top. There are different faces you’ll see and it seems that this shows their characters. There are funny faces and there are scary faces.

We were so early in the monastery that there were just the 3 of us walking up the stairs. With the cold air and silent surroundings, it felt weird while those scary faces are staring at us.

But after 30 minutes or so, we have finally reached the top where the temple is situated. More Buddhas that appears to be generals can be seen there as well. There are also female Buddhas and it’s so amazing to know that they have female versions of it.

It was even more impressive when we got inside a sacred building where there little Buddhas. When we checked each one of the little Buddhas, they also have different expressions!

One of the best temples we had so far!

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