Wandering around Laoag City

Honestly, I don’t know how to start with this blog post. Maybe there are just experiences that are better left un-shared and you only wanted to keep everything to yourself instead. Anyhow, I still want to share it to all of you just in case someone will be reading this post. lol

laoag city

Laoag City is the capital of Ilocos Norte and is best known for its sand dunes that can only be found here and in Paoay, which is just a neighboring municipality. 

From Pagudpud, we took a local bus and arrived in Laoag City at 12 noon to have our tour. Fare is only 60 pesos and travel time is approximately 2 hours. We then meet our tour guide for the day Kuya October (nice name right?) after we had our quick lunch in carenderia. Wandering around Laoag City is so easy thanks to our guide. So what are the must-see places in Laoag and the neighboring municipalities around the area?

1. Malacañang of the North
To those who loves museums, you will really enjoy it here. For us (bf and me), we love learning more about the history and seeing historical places where we can only read in books before.

Laoag CityLaoag CityLaoag City

2. Ferdinand Marcos Mausoleum
Located in Batac, Marcos’ hometown, is where his body lies. Funny ’cause we didn’t even know that we’re there already. The guards just said to get in and there should be no camera flash. Little did we know that we’re about to see Ferdinand Marcos’ preserved body once we get in into that building. It was just like seconds and I still didn’t believe that it’s his real body until I asked Kuya October and the others and they said it is. Maybe I just have trust issues, eh? lol.

Beside the mausoleum is another museum that contains Marcos’ achievements and stories when he was still a student and how he became the president.

Ferdinand Marcos MausoleumLaoag City

Didn’t take a lot of photos though…

3. Paoay Church and Lake
Next stop is the Paoay church and lake which is 30 minutes away from Laoag. We didn’t stayed that long since there’s really nothing to do there.

Paoay Church

4. Paoay Sand Dunes
Aaaaaand never miss the sand dunes or your Ilocandia trip won’t be complete! This is only found in this part of the Philippines and you don’t have to go to Middle East countries anymore to experience this desert-like place. Never ever miss the 4×4 Rough Riding vehicle if you want to feel the adrenaline and the thrill. After the 4×4 ride, experience the sand boarding that is already included in the package.

For a maximum of 5 pax, you can enjoy everything for php 2,500 within an hour. Too expensive? Yes, it certainly is. However, if you are only below 5 persons like us and don’t want to pay for the entire package then you can look for another group that needs extra peeps. It was even a miracle in our case because after 5 minutes, there were also another couple who doesn’t want to pay the 2,500 package. So we decided to join with each other and pay half of the price. It’s really God’s will! lol.

Paoay Sand DunesPaoay Sand Dunes

It was really fun with all the obstacles that you’ll have to encounter. It was like a roller coaster ride! Once you’ll reach the middle part of the sand dunes, try their sand boarding. You don’t even have to be an experienced skate boarder to be able to ride the piece of wood for the sand boarding. Just bend your knees, keep calm, and enjoy the ride! haahaa!

sand boardingsand boardingsand boardingsand boarding

I really enjoyed it soooo much! *creeeeys* There were a lot of tourists waiting for their turn in the registration area since it has been suggested in some blogs that it is advisable to go in Sand Dunes at 5 pm to prevent exposing yourself from too much heat. Good thing that we went to sand dunes at 4 pm because we don’t care about the heat and becoming a negra/negro is nothing for us. lol.

To contact our tour guide Kuya October, you can reach him at this number 0929 559 6659.

Try it and you’ll say it’s all worth it!

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