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DIY Baler Trip

As a birthday gift to myself, I decided to go to Baler this time just as what we (my bf and I) planned since last year and yay I’m so excited. Bought a plane ticket 3 weeks before the trip, did some research on what to do there aside from surfing, filed a VL then boom! Let the DIY Baler trip begin!

DIY Baler Trip

So where is this Baler by the way? When my co-workers asked me where I’m heading next and answered them Baler, they’ll ask me again ‘Where is that?’. C’mon guys? Haven’t you even heard about the movie ‘Baler’? Or stumbled upon the province while skimming on the map of the Philippines? lol. But just kidding and please don’t hate me for that 🙁 So where is it exactly anyway?

Surfing the waves of Baler

I’ve tried surfing many times now at different surfing spots — Siargao and La Union. But it doesn’t mean that we are really good at it. We still get wiped out — even pros do. Excitement is all over us and Neil just wanted to surf immediately. Why? Because this time, we are surfing the waves of Baler.

Surfing in Baler

When we checked out Sabang Beach, it has a grey-ish or black-ish sand compared to Siargao, which is rocky while La Union has a white sand. There were many surfing already while others are just beach bumming. The best part of it? There were really huge waves which I haven’t seen in Siargao yet.