Gigantes Island Travel Guide: Day 2

We woke up before 6am on Saturday morning to start early with our scheduled activities. Had a quick breakfast then prepared our stuff for caving and island hopping.


Look at my beautiful-plastic-sheepish smile

Everyone’s excited ’cause this is the awaited day to experience the adventures in the island. 

First thing we did is to explore Bakwitan Cave. This cave served as an evacuation to all locals in the island during typhoons. And that, my friends, is where the cave got its name. (Bakwitan=Evacuation)


The cave is just easy to explore and with the help with your guide and with some rope tied to the rocks for the tourists then it’s just a no-sweat-activity for you.


Once you get out of the cave, this is the view that awaits you.


After caving, we started our island hopping immediately at 10am and ended at 5pm. For only 2,500php, you can have the boat all day and enjoy various destinations in the island.


Gigantes Island doesn’t have the fine sand beaches like in Boracay, Panglao or Siargao but they do have the best scenery you can only find here. Each destination has its own unique activities that will make you remember the place. First stop is Bantigue Island also known for its Sandbar.


We didn’t stay long on the sandbar ’cause there’s really nothing to do there. And we’re so excited to go to the next stop which is only across the island. Second stop is Cabugao Gamay Island. Gamay means ‘small’ or ‘little’ in bisaya dialect.


For you to reach this beautiful view, you will need to climb up the rock formation. Cabugay island is also the most popular destination among the islets of Gigantes.


But don’t worry, it’s just like you are singing the part of ‘1, 2, 3’ in Sia’s Chandelier song. hrhrhrhrhr. Other spots of Cabugao island are below.

24 23

Third stop is Antonia Island where you will have your lunch. You can also buy beer and softdrinks here.


Unlike in Cabugao island, there are residents who live here. The island is best for snorkeling as well.


25 26


Next stop is the Tangke Lagoon. This is best visited when high tide and very challenging to reach if the waves are strong. The water is just shallow or not so deep so this is the best place for those who doesn’t know how to swim.


As you can see on the photo above, it really looks like mini Coron. Because of its jaw-dropping scenery, you have this feeling to never go back to the chaotic life in the city. Hah! Just kidding, what are you going to eat here anyway? Moreover, this place made me a happy kid big time!


And that is how our island hopping ended. It was a long day for us that we went to sleep immediately after we had dinner ’cause we are so dead tired. Overall, it was so fucking SUPERB!!!

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  1. my favorite island in the Gigantes group of islands is the Little Boracay. The sand there is really fine and the sunset is astonishing. I had a great time last February there ->

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