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Travel Guide: Kalanggaman/Calanggaman Island

Visiting the island has always been part of my bucket list. Finally, after planning for months, our quickcation on the island last Holy Week with my boyfriend and friends was successful. We even thought that it will be canceled due to Typhoon Maysak/Chedeng that has been reported as a Category 5 before it entered PAR. Fortunately, it downgraded into a Tropical Storm and off we go just like what we have planned. But so much for all the weather forecasting and let’s focus with the island. lol

kalanggaman/calanggaman island

Kalanggaman/Calanggaman Island is part of Palompon City in Leyte Province. This island or islet is known for its bird’s-wing-like-formation sand bars and for its very enticing crystal clear waters. So if you are looking for a perfect getaway with your friends, family or you just merely want to have soul searching, then this is the best destination for you.