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Gigantes Island Travel Guide: Day 2

We woke up before 6am on Saturday morning to start early with our scheduled activities. Had a quick breakfast then prepared our stuff for caving and island hopping.


Look at my beautiful-plastic-sheepish smile

Everyone’s excited ’cause this is the awaited day to experience the adventures in the island. 

Travel Guide in Gigantes Island: Day 1

On our first day in the island, the group decided to visit the light house or the parola of Gigantes while waiting for our dinner and to kill time. Most of us thought that it would be a simple pictorial with the light house, however, it was even more surprising.


When our guide told us to climb up already, we were so fascinated especially me because this would be my first time. Excited for its view, we immediately take every step of the stairs up to the top of the light house.

Gigantes Island: All about the Scallops capital of the Philippines

Islas de Gigantes or Gigantes Island  is part of Carles, Iloilo. Little has known about its existence and still remains off the beaten path. The island consists of beautiful scenery with white sand beaches where you can go beach bumming. It is also known as the ‘scallops capital of the Philippines‘ and it taught me that scallops are not deadly when eaten since its my first time to eat scallops here. lol lol lol


I’ve been dying to go to this island since last year and good thing I’ve met people who wanted to do the same thing. Unfortunately, Neil (my travel buddy) can’t come with us since he has school stuff that he needs to prioritize and I almost didn’t go because of it. But for god’s sake, who doesn’t want to go to this kind of place and experience its beauty?

So what are the things that you can do in Gigantes Island? How can we get to the island? Where to stay?