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Travel Guide: What to do in Palawan?

After all the not-really-serious arguments that Neil and I had if we will go to Palawan or not,  the time has already come for us to fly there. Didn’t regret it though. During our 3 days stay in Palawan, we can say that it’s really not enough. But to all first timers, what are the top things you will need to know about Palawan?


Island Hopping in Honda Bay, Palawan

Finally we arrived in Palawan safe and sound despite of the bad weather as we reached their area. Since we left Cebu with a sunny weather, I was really expecting that it would be the same for Palawan. Well, expect the unexpected! lol. We then took a tricycle and went directly to Liane’s Place where we stayed 2 nights. Also had a late lunch at the restaurant just across the inn while deciding where to go first.

So where did we go first?