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The Mystical Island of Siquijor

The island is known for sorcery and black magic, which makes the island very spooky. Every time my family would travel from Cebu-Dipolog-Cebu via boat before and passes by the island, my mom will always tell me that it’s enchanted and we should not go there. But who doesn’t want to go to this kind of place if you’ll see the beauty it possess? Forget about all those hearsay and urban legends and let’s have a look on what makes the island mystical.


salagdoong beach

Siquijor is located in Visayas and just an hour away from Dumaguete, Negros Oriental. It has also became a favorite destination for most of the tourists from the other countries nowadays.

Gigantes Island: All about the Scallops capital of the Philippines

Islas de Gigantes or Gigantes Island  is part of Carles, Iloilo. Little has known about its existence and still remains off the beaten path. The island consists of beautiful scenery with white sand beaches where you can go beach bumming. It is also known as the ‘scallops capital of the Philippines‘ and it taught me that scallops are not deadly when eaten since its my first time to eat scallops here. lol lol lol


I’ve been dying to go to this island since last year and good thing I’ve met people who wanted to do the same thing. Unfortunately, Neil (my travel buddy) can’t come with us since he has school stuff that he needs to prioritize and I almost didn’t go because of it. But for god’s sake, who doesn’t want to go to this kind of place and experience its beauty?

So what are the things that you can do in Gigantes Island? How can we get to the island? Where to stay?

Updated: Canyoning in Alegria to Badian, Cebu

Rest in peace Mr. Aldrin Carba

Described as one of the best “canyoneering guides” and a pioneer was found dead after a 29 hours search and rescue. Mr. Carba a.k.a “Ya Man’, was found nowhere after the jumped he has done during a Canyoning last July 26. This post is a tribute to him though I might not have seen him personally but was given the opportunity to talk to her mother while we were staying at their house during our Canyoning.

For safety precautions, I have updated the blog so that those who are planning to do Canyoning in the future may know that it is not advisable to do it during rainy days.

Aside from Cebu’s natural beauty of white beaches, waterfalls, landmarks, and pretty people (char), it is also one of the best place for adventure seekers. You may or you may not heard about Kawasan Falls (I bet you already do) but one thing you have not know about it is that it has the best spot for Cayoning or Canyoneering through the Kanlaob/Matutinao River.


Canyoning (known as canyoneering in the U.S.) is traveling in canyons using a variety of techniques that may include other outdoor activities such as walking, scrambling, climbing, jumping, abseiling (rapelling), and/or swimming.

There you have it, thanks to Wiki for explaining it. So why not try it? In an approximate 4-5 hours of pure adventure, this could be one of the memorable experience you can have.

Travel Guide: What to do in Palawan?

After all the not-really-serious arguments that Neil and I had if we will go to Palawan or not,  the time has already come for us to fly there. Didn’t regret it though. During our 3 days stay in Palawan, we can say that it’s really not enough. But to all first timers, what are the top things you will need to know about Palawan?


Ka-tingo Falls in Catmon, Cebu

I’ve wanted to visit the spectacular hot spring of Cebu for it is so rare to have like this here. Considering that there are no active volcanoes that are visible anywhere in Cebu, then it would really gives you the question ‘how?’ But since there was a 7.2 magnitude earthquake that shook Bohol and Cebu last October, the hot spring pool was damaged and was closed for the mean time.

However, it still didn’t stop my desire to try it out. I also just discovered that there’s also a not-so-known waterfalls below the spring and good thing that I have this kind of trip recently to visit all (though not really all) falls in Cebu province since beach bumming is sooooooo boring, then it made the place more interesting.

So together with Brian(my forever friend), Anot, and boyf (of course), off we go to explore Catmon!

Ka-tingo Falls

Ka-tingo Falls

Located in Catmon, northern province of Cebu, let’s visit Esoy Hot Spring and the amazing (not spiderman) Ka-tingo Falls.

Suicide Adventure in Budlaan River to Kabang Falls

Out of boredom, me and my good friend Karl decided to try something new aside from beaching this summer – trekking. I’ve done trekking in Osmena Peak, Kawasan Falls, and in Danasan already so we wanted to try this out as well. However, as I’ve read some blogs about it and how struggling it is to take the trail, it made us more excited as first timers. But little did we know that we’ll have this experience as one of our memorable and suicidal adventure.

Kabang Falls

Kabang Falls