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El Nido Travel Guide

El Nido is one on my bucket list and supposedly, I have visited the place last year already but canceled it ’cause Neil can’t go with me (again) due to work and I’m not fond with solo backpacking before. But finally this year after my wedding (yes I got married! surpriiiissseee!!), I have decided to book again with my little sister who is coming home from Australia to celebrate her birthday as well.

el nido

El Nido is known for its very beautiful beaches, limestone mountains, caves, lagoons and marine life. Everyone wants to go to El Nido to experience its beauty but thinks that it is expensive. But it was proven wrong when we got there and only bring 10,000 pesos pocket money for 2 persons for 4 days and 3 nights. With our El Nido Travel Guide, it might help you a lot with your future plans.

Travel Guide: What to do in Palawan?

After all the not-really-serious arguments that Neil and I had if we will go to Palawan or not,  the time has already come for us to fly there. Didn’t regret it though. During our 3 days stay in Palawan, we can say that it’s really not enough. But to all first timers, what are the top things you will need to know about Palawan?


Island Hopping in Honda Bay, Palawan

Finally we arrived in Palawan safe and sound despite of the bad weather as we reached their area. Since we left Cebu with a sunny weather, I was really expecting that it would be the same for Palawan. Well, expect the unexpected! lol. We then took a tricycle and went directly to Liane’s Place where we stayed 2 nights. Also had a late lunch at the restaurant just across the inn while deciding where to go first.

So where did we go first?

Kalui: More than just a restaurant in Palawan

Before we went to Honda Bay, we stopped over in Kalui Restaurant for a reservation. Yes, reservation is a must here because a lot of tourists or even locals eat here. This is a native seafood restaurant and I guess the most recommended among the rest. It’s very popular that it’s featured in every blog I visited before.

Our main plan for the day is Honda Bay Island Hopping then Iwahig Firefly watching so we booked for 9:00 – 9:30 pm schedule. Since it is our first day in Palawan, we wanted to try the best restaurant first. But what makes it different from the others? What makes me say that it’s more than just a restaurant?


Underground River in Palawan: One of the 7 wonders of Nature

On our second day in Palawan, we decided to have our Underground River tour, Ugong Rock Cave adventure, and our Iwahig Firefly watching. So it means we need a lot of energy for the day’s activity. Good thing and thanks to God that the weather was so gooooooood!

Moving on, most of you might have heard or have been to the Subterranean River National Park in Palawan or also known as Underground River, right?

But how to get there? Who to contact? Would a DIY tour be possible?

1Puerto Princesa Underground River, in Palawan, Philippines has become one of the New 7 Wonders of the World just recently. A UNESCO World Heritage site and one of the longest underground rivers in the world.

Iwahig Firefly Watching in Palawan

I’ve read a lot of good reviews about this saying that it should be a must-try. So it’s part of my lists for Puerto Princesa and I want to have the DIY tour but unfortunately, everyone keeps on advising to try the package tour instead since it includes everything. And when I say everything, it means house and lot, furnitures and kabuhayan showcase. No, just kidding.

getting ready for the tour

getting ready for the tour

So we had a package tour for 1000 pesos each!! Inclusive of van transfer, boat transfer, buffet dinner and all kind of transfers. haha! Anyway, with the package tour, you’ll have to meet with other ‘tourista’ at their Baywalk. But of course the van will fetch you.