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Forest Camp, Valencia in Negros Oriental

After the Apo Island trip, we went directly to Harold’s Mansion to get our stuff and leave for Valencia to visit the Forest Camp. It is a mountain resort with its natural pools and a waterfall. It is great for picnics especially for family and group of friends.


Forest Camp in Valencia is just a 30-40 minute ride from Dumaguete City. If you want to stay here for a night then they also have family cottages. As what I’ve heard, Forest Camp doesn’t allow alocholic beverages inside the premises.

Apo Island: Swimming with Sea Turtles

Want to know how it feels to swim with sea turtles? Well, Apo island is the best place to be. A volcanic island covering 12 hectares in land area located in the southeastern tip of  Negros Oriental. It is also known for its best marine sanctuary in the world which is widely visited by locals or foreigners diving enthusiasts. Their electricity is good for 3 hours only and no wifi connectivity except for one hotel.


On our second day in Negros Oriental, we visited Apo Island early in the morning. We left Harold’s Mansion at 5:30 am to have a quick breakfast at McDonalds before heading to the Ceres terminal for the municipal of Zamboanguita.

Dumaguete City of Negros Oriental

My family has always been to Dumaguete City as a stop over to and from Cebu or Dapitan City. We’ve also strolled around the city and visited some known spots before.

However, since I was too impulsive and wanted to visit Negros Oriental once again with my mom and le~sis then off we go not only to visit Dumaguete City but also other spots there.