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Surigao City

After our Siargao adventure, we have to go to Surigao City to get my boyfriend’s TOR and visit his friends. And since I booked our flight there for Cebu then we don’t have a choice but to leave Siargao. *creys

The City of Surigao is located at the northeasternmost tip of Mindanao Island in the Philippines and the capital of the province of Surigao del Norte. I really don’t have any idea about Surigao City and I don’t even know what to do there. All I know is, where going to get something from there. lol

Surigao City's Boulevard

Surigao City’s Boulevard

Mabua Beach Resort of Surigao

Mabua Pebble Beach is consists of pebbles instead of sands. Unlike the usual sandy beaches, Mabua has big pebble-like smooth stones. This has been a phenomena, as they say, since no one can really explain why they have smooth stones here. Just like stones that can be found in a river, this is what the stones look like here.