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Surfing in Siargao: The second time around

My bf and I promised that we’ll go back to Siargao again! Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to go this time ’cause of work andddd I’m with my workmates. Siargao Island gave me a reason not go back to Cebu and that is — surfing. 

cloud 9 siargao surfing

This would be my 3rd time to surf — first is in Siargao and second is in Elyu (La Union) so it’s not that difficult anymore and I’m confident enough to surf in bigger waves this time.

Magpupungko Rock Pool in Siargao

Last 2013, we weren’t able to visit Magpupungko Rock Pool ’cause of the bad weather and lack of time. But on my second visit to Siargao, I didn’t waste my time and headed to Pilar after we check in to our homestay in General Luna. After almost 2 hours of travel by a tricycle, we reached the enticing Magpupungko Rock Pool in Siargao Island.

magpupungko rock pool

Magpupungko Rock Pool in Siargao Island is only visible during low tides. This is also the reason why others call it Magpupungko Tidal Pool. Simply, something Pilar should be proud of.

Surfing in Siargao Island

The best part of our trip in Siargao is surfing. It’s actually our first time to surf and we are very much excited. We even went home early from Island Hopping because we really wanted to try surfing immediately.


boyf’s really good

Naked, Daku, and Guyam Islands in Siargao

The island hopping is supposed to be cancelled due to the bad weather. Good thing Kuya Roel followed us (like a stalker haha loljoke) through out the Boardwalk. He then offered to tour us to General Luna specifically to their boulevard. However, as we arrived there and saw the clear sky, we then decided to resume to our plan.


The famous Boardwalk, Cloud9 of Siargao Island

One of the known surfing spots in the Philippines is Cloud 9. Big surfing competition events are also held here. As what Kuya Roel (our tour guide for the day) said, them as locals doesn’t care about the waves at first. Until foreigners went to visit the place and discovered that it was one of the best spot for surfing. And so it began.


Ocean 101 Resort, Siargao Island

As we arrived in Sayak Airport, we don’t have any reservations if where to stay yet. Even so, I’ve already planned where to stay and it is like a come-what-may decision afterwards if ever there is no available rooms in the resort.

Ocean 101, General Luna

Viewing deck and the big waves