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Dapitan’s Gloria Fantasyland

Gloria Fantasyland is one of the attractions in Dapitan. If you will avail packages in Dakak Beach Resort, 1 ticket is also provided. If you just want to visit the amusement park, you can enjoy most of their rides already for 700 pesos per ticket.

The entrance

The entrance

Dapitan City’s Dakak Park and Beach Resort


My parents are from Dipolog City and we’ve been to Dapitan many times since we were kids. Dapitan City is also known as the place where Jose Rizal was exiled. Other from that, Dapitan is also known for Dakak and Gloria’s Fantasyland. My mom said that before Dakak became popular as ‘Dakak Resort’, part of it was owned by them. However, they don’t know how to manage a resort and maybe because of how much it will cost them so they just sold it instead to Mr. Jalosjos.