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Simple happiness in Bacalla Woods

Neil and I just had our 1st wedding anniversary and we want it to be extra special by celebrating it differently. Not in any fancy restaurants or out-of-town/out-of-country trips like we always do but somewhere we can enjoy being alone. And since we miss exploring Cebu, we’ve decided to go camping in Bacalla Woods Campsite in San Fernando.

Bacalla Woods Campsite


‘Disconnect to Connect’ is their famous tagline. Why? Because you have to disconnect from the digital world since there’s no signal up there. Do you think you can survive?

1st Full Moon Hammock Summit at Mt. Bandilaan, San Fernando

Last weekend, Go San Fernando together with Driftwood Local Ent. (DWLE) held the 1st Full Moon Hammock Summit at Mt. Bandilaan, San Fernando. Everyone’s excited to explore the unspoiled natural wonder of this municipality in Cebu and to meet new friends and share the experience with other participants. Aside from that, Neil’s coming with us this time and I miss doing adventures with him together with our Oponside friends.

go san fernando cebu

Photo by: GoSanFernando

But before I share our experiences during the event, let’s talk about San Fernando. It is located in the Southern part of Cebu in between Naga and Carcar. Hidden Paradise and Singli Mountain Resort can be found here and they’re best known as team building destinations. But, do you know that there are hidden waterfalls in the heart of the mountains of San Fernando? Did you also know that you can surf in Baybayon, San Fernando? Those are just one of the many things that you can do here. In just one place!