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Side trip in Malapascua Island

After our overnight stay in Kalanggaman Island, where you can check here, Kuya ‘Crew’ of the pump boat suggested to us to have a side trip in Malapascua Island. Since most of my company has never been there, we never hesitated to go. Neil and I were quite excited too since our last trip  in Malapascua was not so memorable due to a typhoon. Haha!

malapascua island

Our side trip in Malapascua Island is unplanned and we’re not planning to stay overnight there since we’re almost out of money and there’s no ATM in the island. Nevertheless, it won’t stop us for having fun.

Hey, it’s my birthday!

So I just turned twenty-(censored) last January 29 and decided to go island hopping with friends or shall I say boating. And since I have a lot of group of friends then I’ve decided to gather all of them. In this way, I can save money instead of treating them separately. lol


This will be a quick post though ’cause I’m so dead tired typing and giving out details. Hah!

Panagsama Life in Moalboal

Me and Neil decided after a week from our Bohol trip to have a quick visit in Moalboal. Since we will be visiting a friend who lives in Moalboal as well then off we go.

Note: This is one of those late-due-to-procrastination-but-then-I-badly-need-to-update-my-blog‘ posts.

2 (2)

But this time, we didn’t explore the white beach in Basdaku only. Our friend, Daniel, suggested to us to try the night life in Panagsama where he lives.

Oponside Skatepark

Recently, Opon in Lapu-Lapu City officially opened the first and only skate park in the Philippines that has been financed by the local government. *cheers to that!*
This post might be new to you since I’m more into blogging travel destinations. But who doesn’t want to brag about this? A skate park with a small skate bowl in Lapu-Lapu! Plus big prizes, music fest and a lot of skate competitions on that day. Anyone will brag about that one of a kind event. And as a support to my friends and to my bf who loves skateboarding so much, then let’s do this!

Team Building in Oslob with Steno!!

What month is it?!!! It’s TEAM BUILDING TIME!!!! and this time it will be in Oslob. *insert party emoticon here*

Everyone’s excited for the team building since it would be the best time for us to get relax from all the stress at work. Aside from that, we will be visiting a lot of ‘Tourist Spots’ in Oslob.


off to Tumalog Falls!

This is not my first time in Oslob since I’ve visited their most known tourist spot here which is the whale shark watching in Tan-awan and their Tumalog Falls last Summer. But this time, the team won’t pay a visit to whale shark watching since it’s quite expensive and we’re having a tight budget. So how did it go?

Alcoy again!

So I’ve been in a hiatus for like 2 months but apparently I’ve been on vacations or team building during those times. Procrastination just ate me alive. Now, I have realized that I need to post something on my blog or my monthly bill for my hosting package would be a waste of money. LOL JUST KIDDING BUT NO I AM SERIOUS.

Anyhow, last October, me and Neil went to Alcoy to freshen up. lol.


Eventually, there are no crucial things to share. Just us… enjoying the sand, sea and heat of the sun. lol. So let me just share the photos.