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Short Escape in Pacific Cebu Resort

I was looking for a great place to stay after our wedding which will not hurt my budget since I’m not really a fan of resorts. Thankful to my friend who suggested the place, I have booked a room for only 3,999php per night. Since we won’t be staying long at the resort ’cause I still have a flight the next day  then it was a short escape in Pacific Cebu Resort, indeed.

pacific cebu resort

Hey, it’s my birthday!

So I just turned twenty-(censored) last January 29 and decided to go island hopping with friends or shall I say boating. And since I have a lot of group of friends then I’ve decided to gather all of them. In this way, I can save money instead of treating them separately. lol


This will be a quick post though ’cause I’m so dead tired typing and giving out details. Hah!

Oponside Skatepark

Recently, Opon in Lapu-Lapu City officially opened the first and only skate park in the Philippines that has been financed by the local government. *cheers to that!*
This post might be new to you since I’m more into blogging travel destinations. But who doesn’t want to brag about this? A skate park with a small skate bowl in Lapu-Lapu! Plus big prizes, music fest and a lot of skate competitions on that day. Anyone will brag about that one of a kind event. And as a support to my friends and to my bf who loves skateboarding so much, then let’s do this!

Mother’s Day: Dine in Mooon Cafe Mexican Food

Another rare post again (though it’s not that rare anymore since it’s my second post). Since it is Mother’s Day, let me post and share where exactly we celebrated it. teeeheee

moon cafe and it's chaka table

moon cafe and it’s chaka table

Top 5 Islands to Visit in Lapu-Lapu for Island Hopping

It’s summer and island hopping is one of those things you will enjoy to do to get rid of those sweaty and ‘malangsa‘ smell of your body. joke. Just an hour away from the city, you can already visit the top 5 most known islands in Lapu-Lapu. So which island should you go?


Me and my family loves island hopping so much that we even do this on a Friday the 13th or even there’s a typhoon —- yes, I’m not even joking. Apparently, the port for island hopping is just 20 minutes away from our home so that explains it.

Island Hopping with CAPUCHON!

So here it is! As requested from my good friend Joevel. Capuchon, ladies and gents, is our batch name in 1&1. Why Capuchon? It’s actually a lewd word that derives from the word ‘Apuch’ which means ‘Or*l S*x’. It’s just a joke here in Cebu that leads to our group’s name.

These photos were taken last Summer 2013.