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Solo Trip to Baguio and La Union

Yes, you read it right! Finally, I traveled solo for the very first time after canceling the Camiguin and El Nido solo trip ’cause of my boyfriend’s request! Supposedly, he is coming with me but due to work, he can’t and thanks to that I was able to travel alone! lol The original plan was Zambales-Pangasinan and since boat rentals are expensive especially if you’re alone then naaaah.

Solo Trip to Baguio and La Union

I’ll be sharing more on how I feel during this trip so if you’re not into it then shoo-shoo. 

Exploring Baguio City

Baguio City is the summer capital of the Philippines and to tell you honestly, I’m not really planning to go there. My friends keep on telling me to go with them but I’m not really interestedThe movie ‘That thing called tadhana’ didn’t change my mind as well ’cause after the movie, I’m still not interested to go there (no offense to Baguio peeps).

But hey! There are more things aside from parks that will make you love Baguio City. Aside from it’s cold weather and strawberries, I love how people dress up in Baguio. lol

baguio city

Also, when you are in Baguio, it seems like you are not in the Philippines anymore. etchos! So what did we do in Baguio?