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Simple happiness in Bacalla Woods

Neil and I just had our 1st wedding anniversary and we want it to be extra special by celebrating it differently. Not in any fancy restaurants or out-of-town/out-of-country trips like we always do but somewhere we can enjoy being alone. And since we miss exploring Cebu, we’ve decided to go camping in Bacalla Woods Campsite in San Fernando.

Bacalla Woods Campsite


‘Disconnect to Connect’ is their famous tagline. Why? Because you have to disconnect from the digital world since there’s no signal up there. Do you think you can survive?

DIY Northern Mindanao Trip (Bukidnon-Iligan-CagayanDeOro)

One of the popular destination for family, friends and travel blogger wannabe like me is to travel around Northern Mindanao. And luckily, one of my friend was able to book a round trip flight to Cagayan De Oro for only P500.00 and who would say no to that? So together with my girl friends, we explore the three most popular spots there.

Dahilayan Bukidnon

Usually, booking for package tour is one of the common and normal thing friends should do for more convenient and easy trip but we want to do it on our own way instead. Savage!

Dahilayan Forest Camp in Bukidnon

Finally, the wait is over and our first day of our Northern Mindanao trip has just begun! Dahilayan Forest Camp in Bukidnon is first in our list, which is located in Manolo Fortich. **I really love saying it all over again** lol

Dahilayan Bukidnon

Bukidnon  is a landlocked province in the Philippines located in the Northern Mindanao region. It is best know for its Dahilayan Adventure Park and Forest Park where the longest zipline in Mindanao is found. On your way to Dahilayan, you’ll pass the Del Monte pineapple plantation. One of the biggest pineapple plantation that exports around the world.

Tinago Falls of Iligan City

It was a chilly morning on our 2nd day in Northern Mindanao — thanks to Bukidnon weather. We’d love to stay and cuddle with the pillow but we had to go to Iligan City that day. Nearly 4-hours away from Bukidnon, we had to travel back to Cagayan De Oro ’cause it’s the entry point for Iligan.

Tinago Falls of Iligan

Iligan City, the capital of Lanao del Norte, is the home of Maria Cristina Falls. Aside from Maria Cristina, Iligan is also proud of Tinago Falls, which is located in Linamon municipality.

Cagayan De Oro River Rafting

We woke up at 6am and get ready for our last adventure of our Northern Mindanao Escapade! Hooray!! Cagayan De Oro is known for its river rafting and many adrenaline junkies have visited CDO for this main reason.

cagayan de oro rafting

But did you know that there are other places in the Philippines where you can enjoy the river raft? Well, of course, since Philippines has a lot of rivers then it isn’t impossible.

El Nido Travel Guide

El Nido is one on my bucket list and supposedly, I have visited the place last year already but canceled it ’cause Neil can’t go with me (again) due to work and I’m not fond with solo backpacking before. But finally this year after my wedding (yes I got married! surpriiiissseee!!), I have decided to book again with my little sister who is coming home from Australia to celebrate her birthday as well.

el nido

El Nido is known for its very beautiful beaches, limestone mountains, caves, lagoons and marine life. Everyone wants to go to El Nido to experience its beauty but thinks that it is expensive. But it was proven wrong when we got there and only bring 10,000 pesos pocket money for 2 persons for 4 days and 3 nights. With our El Nido Travel Guide, it might help you a lot with your future plans.