Visiting Legazpi City

What comes to your mind every time you hear Legazpi City? Well, for me, I really have no idea until I visited the place. My aunt just asked me to come with her to visit the family of her boyfriend. Then said that we will gonna visit Mayon Volcano. I didn’t even know Mayon Volcano is in Legazpi city lol. Anyway, we just stayed there for 3 days and I did not get a lot of pictures of the place. So below are few photos of my trip there.

Leyte from above.

Leyte from above.

The family of my aunt’s boyfriend has a little share of Mayon volcano’s land. Their house is also very near in Mayon that’s why I had a better look of it from their house. There were also little lava coming out from the mouth of the volcano during my visit and it was very pretty at night. Too bad the photos were gone now.

Mayon Volcano in a closer look

Mayon Volcano in a closer look

Locals said that this (photo below) was once a baranggay but a lahar washed them away to the ocean. It feels eerie thinking that I’m stepping on a mass grave as we passed by on this area.


Once a baranggay :(

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