Simple happiness in Bacalla Woods

Neil and I just had our 1st wedding anniversary and we want it to be extra special by celebrating it differently. Not in any fancy restaurants or out-of-town/out-of-country trips like we always do but somewhere we can enjoy being alone. And since we miss exploring Cebu, we’ve decided to go camping in Bacalla Woods Campsite in San Fernando.

Bacalla Woods Campsite


‘Disconnect to Connect’ is their famous tagline. Why? Because you have to disconnect from the digital world since there’s no signal up there. Do you think you can survive?

Bacalla Woods Campsite is ideal for those who doesn’t want to hike hours to reach the camp site. It’s just hours away from Cebu as well so if you’re dead tired from work, stress and unbearable traffic then this is the best place to unwind and be one with the nature. Thanks to the co-owner of the camp site, who happened to be our good friends, it was so easy to plan the trip.

How To Get There?
Take any bus that’s bound for south and tell the ‘konduktor’ to drop you off around the corner for San Isidro, San Fernando road. Ride a habal-habal motorcycle and just tell them to drop you off at Bacalla Campsite then just pay 40php each. As easy as that!

Where To Eat?
You can bring your own food and cook in their dirty kitchen. They have utensils you can borrow but just bring your own plates, spoon, fork, and cups. They have water from spring too and it’s safe and tastes perfect BUT if you’re really not that comfortable to drink from it then just bring mineral waters. They can also cook for your meal and below is the menu.

Bacalla Woods Campsite

Where to Stay?
You can bring your own tents or hammocks. If you don’t have any of the two, you can rent them or the room for two. You can check the prices below.
Bacalla Woods Campsite Bacalla Woods Campsite

Bacalla Woods Campsite

What To Do?
There’s a lot of activities you can do here. When we arrived, a group of campers have already started to have jam sessions and to our surprise, we saw familiar faces. Some of our friends were there! Joined them and we started to sing while drinking the jungle tuba until night.

Bacalla Woods CampsiteBacalla Woods Campsite

Then Grupo Nopo longboarders had a premier at night for an entry to Australia then had raffles of tshirts, bags and hammock. Sadly, we didn’t won but still, it was pure fun.

Bacalla Woods Campsite

The next day, we were awed by the scenic view that greets us and we tried the swing. It’s a must try!

Bacalla Woods CampsiteBacalla Woods CampsiteBacalla Woods Campsite

After breakfast, Neil started playing with Ian Bacalla, the co-owner. Then the long boarders started to ride downhill.
Bacalla Woods CampsiteBacalla Woods CampsiteBacalla Woods Campsite

Apparently, there’s a lot of things to do here and you can also trek, go mountain biking, and many more. Just refer to the activities and rates below.
Bacalla Woods CampsiteBacalla Woods CampsiteBacalla Woods Campsite

Bacalla Woods CampsiteBacalla Woods Campsite You can also bring your pets here.
Bacalla Woods Campsite Bacalla Woods Campsite Bacalla Woods CampsiteSince me and Neil are in a tight budget, we didn’t trek to Bugho Falls which they highly recommended for only 50php. For only 400php for 2, we have experience this kind of things in just less than 24hrs. That’s what they call ‘the simple happiness in Bacalla Woods’.

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  1. Toanaks says:

    Hi Ming,

    Thanks for this lovely post. My mountain friends (kapres and dwendes)
    would be very happy seeing this. Will surely visit this place the soonest.

    Love lots and always by your side;

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