DIY Baler Trip

As a birthday gift to myself, I decided to go to Baler this time just as what we (my bf and I) planned since last year and yay I’m so excited. Bought a plane ticket 3 weeks before the trip, did some research on what to do there aside from surfing, filed a VL then boom! Let the DIY Baler trip begin!

DIY Baler Trip

So where is this Baler by the way? When my co-workers asked me where I’m heading next and answered them Baler, they’ll ask me again ‘Where is that?’. C’mon guys? Haven’t you even heard about the movie ‘Baler’? Or stumbled upon the province while skimming on the map of the Philippines? lol. But just kidding and please don’t hate me for that :( So where is it exactly anyway?

Baler is the provincial capital of Aurora in the eastern part of the Philippines. It is best known for its big waves for surfing since it is facing Pacific Ocean. But aside from surfing, there is more than that in Baler. Only 5-7 hours, depending on what bus you are taking, you can already enjoy and get away from the stress life of the city.

DIY Baler Trip

look how big the waves are

How to Get There?
Go to Genesis Terminal in Cubao. You can take either Joy Bus for 700 pesos or the regular bus for 450 pesos. And of course, Joy Bus is way more faster than the regular bus which will only take 5 hours compared to 7-8 hours due to stop overs.

Where to Stay?
Our guide brought us to La Flor Lodge and it’s not a lodge-lodge like the lodge you are thinking about right now. lol. I would recommend this as well since the owner is very accommodating and it’s just few steps away from Sabang Beach.

DIY Baler Trip DIY Baler Trip

Their rooms for 2 were already full so they gave us this room for 4 pax for only 1000 pesos instead of 2000. Good deal, huh? And aside from that, we checked in at 10:00am in the morning and allowed us to checked out the next day at 3:00pm with no extra charges! lol! So if you’re planning to visit Baler, you can contact them at this number 0999-844-1185.

Where to Eat?
There’s a lot to choose from but we would recommend the following:

Gerry Shan Eat All You Can
For only 200 pesos each, you can have everything you want! lol. Btw, grabbed some photos from the net since I wasn’t able to take any lol.

DIY Baler Trip

image from (sorry for grabbing your photos)

DIY Baler Trip

image from (sorry for grabbing your photos)


Rolling Stores
If you are in a tight budget but still want to have good food (who doesn’t?) then rolling stores is best place for you. We ate there with our guide and only paid 150+ pesos hahaha!

DIY Baler Trip

Hungry Surfer in Bay’s Inn Restaurant

But if you want to have a good view of the pacific ocean while savoring the food and enjoy the relaxing ambiance then go to Bay’s Inn Restaurant. Just along the Sabang Beach boulevard. However, expect it to be a little pricey.

DIY Baler Trip DIY Baler Trip

We had our dinner and breakfast here ’cause the view is just sooooooo nice.

DIY Baler Trip DIY Baler TripDIY Baler TripDIY Baler Trip

Then enjoy more with its view haha please ignore me.

DIY Baler Trip

What To Do?
So as I have mentioned, there is more to surfing in Baler. Below are the things you can do.

1. Visit the Millenium Tree


Don’t be alarmed guys! This is just my bf and not an elemental creature. lol. So this is the biggest balete tree in Asia as I’ve searched and it is 600 years old already.

2. Go to Ditumabo Falls or Mother Falls
DIY Baler Trip

A 30-45 mins trek needs to be endure to see the beauty of this falls.

For more, you can click here:

3. Diguisit Rock Fomation
DIY Baler Trip

If you are into rock formations and islets like me then this is the best place for you to do some dramas while thinking for all of your debts and reminiscing your traumatic past. lol! But really, this place is best for pictorials hahaha!

Click here for more:

4. Ermita Hill

 DIY Baler Trip

This is where the survivors went during a tsunami hit Baler in 1735. I read a story about it that it was so mysterious that it only hit Baler and spared its neighboring towns.

5. Diguisit Falls

DIY Baler Trip

Hahahaha please don’t mind the blur effect. Let’s just say t that our guide has the best skills in taking photos. lol. Anyhow, this is just along the road before you go to Diguisit Rock Formations.

6. Visit Dicasalarin Cove

DIY Baler Trip

The best view I’ve seen so far it makes me want to cry :( Click here for more.

7. Go Surf!!

DIY Baler Trip

So as everyone knows or if you don’t know yet, my bf and I love to surf. But we are only amateurs so don’t expect too much. This is also one of the reason why we choose Baler as our next trip.

Click here for more:

Now for a DIY itinerary for a 2 days 1 night trip, I don’t suggest this but you can refer to it.

DIY Baler Trip

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  1. Melvin Evangelista says:

    Hi Sir Ming, ask ko lang po kung panu po ninyo naavail yung Dicasalarin Cove? Nagrent po kau ng sasakyan and how much po? Thanks in advance for your response. :)

  2. Bong says:

    Nice photo and blog. May I know the name and contact number of your guide please. Thanks.

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