Cangcalanog Falls of Alegria Cebu

I’ve been searching for some new waterfalls to explore on the web when I accidentally found this unspoiled falls somewhere in South of Cebu. In awe, I’ve invited my friends to check the place last month. Unfortunately, there was a strong typhoon that hits Philippines then we had to cancel it. But then there’s always this feeling of  urge to visit the place! And since our El Nido trip for our [boyf and me] anniv has been canceled then we decided to go there.

cangcalanog falls cebu

Cangcalanog Falls of Alegria Cebu is just 3 hours away from the city. A perfect place to unwind and relax with your friends, family or with yourself (forever alone).

How To Get There?
Take the Ceres Bus in South Terminal Bus and tell the konduktor to drop you off in Compostela Alegria. Fare is P130.00 for non aircon. Once you’re there, hire a habal2x for 200 pesos each for a round trip. Little pricey huh? The habal2x motorcycle is also good for 2 persons so if you are a solo traveler, expect to be charged twice. lol.

It will take 20-25 minutes before you’ll reach the drop off and start trekking. Then it will be a 500 meter or 800 meter away to the waterfalls depending on where you wanted to be dropped off.

While trekking the steep trail, enjoy the view as well.

cangcalanog falls cebu

cangcalanog falls cebu

cangcalanog falls cebu

After 15 minutes or more of trekking, we heard a sound of flowing water and some screaming ………. of people having fun. A sign that we’re almost there. Few steps more and I can already see the falls!

cangcalanog falls cebu

A local there told us that it can be compared to Surigao del Sur’s Enchanted River. And I was like ‘Oh right! A mini version without the enchanted fishes.’ A true gem of Cebu that’s hidden in the heart of these mountains.

cangcalanog falls cebu

cangcalanog falls cebu

So we didn’t waste our time and we plunge immediately to the cold natural pool to freshen up!

cangcalanog falls cebu cangcalanog falls cebu

cangcalanog falls cebu

please excuse my bilbil haha

It was actually a nice experience. Not only the view but to swim with the locals there who spent their weekend with their family. One of the local also mentioned to us that you can camp there at night. There were 52 campers who’ve camped there before already so I guess its safe as long as you’re many.

We left there at 4pm ’cause we still need to trek up to the drop off. And since I get easily tired when it comes to climbing up steep trails then it might take us longer than 20 minutes to get back to the drop off. LOL! Yes, i’m weak, don’t mention it. hahaha! But before leaving, let us take a photo of the place for our 4th anniv souvenir! *throws confetti* 

cangcalanog falls cebu

Til next time Cangcalanog!

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  1. lee says:

    guys if you like to snorkel or scuba dive on the reefs in Alegria check out Alegria Dive Resort on the main highway in Sta. Filomena,, they have accommodation too

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