Border Crossing from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur

This is the second time that we have crossed a border and apparently, it was easier and hassle-free than the last trip. This time, it’s the border crossing from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur.


Booked for Starmart express for a night trip and wait for 5 hours before reaching Kuala Lumpur. One main reason why we took the night bus is to avoid too much crowd in the immigration and it was successful, indeed. However, we forgot to exchange our money from Singaporian Dollar to Malaysian Ringgit and there were no open Money Exchange when we arrive at 5am.

Good thing the cashier at the convenience store exchanged it for 50SGD to 140MYR. Although, it was not the exact rate, we still owe him for helping us big time!

Bus to take from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur?
There are a lot of bus to choose from in this site and we were able to book a bus for 10SGD only. This is what the bus looks like.

photo from Google

photo from Google

How the bus looks like inside

How the bus looks like inside

From Kuala Lumpur to Singapore:
You can either take a bus again or book a flight. We booked a flight through Air Asia.

From KL Sentral, you can either take the KLIA Express train for 55MYR or 500PHP that will take you directly to the airport and is recommended for those who are in a hurry. However, it was expensive for us so we took the bus instead that is also bound directly for the airport for 12MYR or 120PHP only.


Fortunately, there are no questions in Singapore immigration. From what I’ve heard, there are a lot of scenarios where Immigration Officers asks you a lot of questions or worst, doesn’t let the tourist pass through since this is a common practice for some to reset their stay in Singapore for another 30 days.

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